rearranging for baby+the beginnings of nursery talk

This weekend, hubby let me know that he was ready to get started on the first project in the nursery which will be adding beadboard to the bottom of the walls.  Needless to say, this get-it-accomplished type-A gal was ready to do whatever it took to help him get started! The room that is going to be the nursery was our office...so of course, the first step was to clean out the craziness that was the office.  (I'm pretty sure we hadn't filed away papers since March when we found out I was pregnant and the first trimester exhaustion kicked in.)  Here's a look at what it looked like before the mess of papers hit it:

a glimpse of the office post-makeover...for more pics click on the post link below
You may remember from last summer when I did a mini-makeover to our office.  We painted with a chemical-free paint and a color that would be baby-friendly down the road because we knew the room would be a nursery one day.  (Looking back, it's crazy to think that it's already been a year...but at the same time...that it's only been a year and we're getting it ready for Adeline!)

After hours of sorting through paper, shredding, filing, throwing things away, making piles of books to sell, etc. etc., it was cleaned.  However, we had our next dilemma...moving the office into the guest bedroom.  Piece. Of. Cake. (Thank goodness!)

What the corner of the extra bedroom looked like...

Now with the office included and the chest of drawers moved closer to the doorway...

We're very pleased with the end result...and the best part...no purchasing of new furniture was needed!

And this now leaves us with this to work with...

Let the fun begin!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun :) Good luck getting it done! I love the colors on the wall in the nursery, very pretty.

  2. ooh yay decorating the nursery was one of my favorite parts! and i am a big fan of beadboard :) can't wait to see it when it's complete!

  3. don't you feel like the really might have been the hardest part and now comes the fun stuff? once we got all the guest room cleared out of her nursery i felt SO much better, like i was totally ready to just get the nursery done and it'll be a piece of cake!! i am a little envious that you had such an easy time combining the two rooms--i can't figure out HOW to make ours work as a dual office/guest room! eek! i love the colors and cannot wait to see what you do with her space!

  4. A great room with a clean slate to turn into what I for-see will be a beautiful nursery.

  5. I love those colors!! Are you going to keep it that color or repaint?


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