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Joining up with Carissa today for Miscellany Monday!

1.  My faith is restored...In Wal-Mart.

I bought all of the above for $21.30...saving $10.09 on this trip! But something I did that helped me out was price matching.  I was so hesitant to do this...it just seemed like too much effort and not worth it.  Silly me...it was super easy! Bring in the ad, or print out the ad online, tell the cashier which store has the item and for what price.  Wallah.  They change the price with no questions. (I did this for Triscuits, strawberries, and grapes.)

And let me add, I got two freebies due to their great prices and utilizing coupons.  Ivory bar soap...free.  Tank top...free. Love it.

2.  I have professional development today and tomorrow.  Work? In the summer? Gross.  (Yes, you can call me spoiled.)

3.  I've learned lately that being short is sometimes a difficulty.  But being short and pregnant is something else.  Point proven as you watch me get into our new truck (which I'm driving at the moment until we find a new vehicle for me.) This truck sits up kinda high and doesn't have running boards.  I'm thanking Ford for making a handle on the top of the inside of the truck so I can climb myself into it.
4.  Reusable ice cubes are destined to make our lives easier in this house.  Justin works outside and, therefore, packs a cooler for lunch.  Ice is important.  It's especially important in this crazy heat.  I found these awesome reusable ice cubes at The Container Store this past weekend.  Hello time saver!

5.  Today starts the second week of my summer break. My first week was perfect.  Relaxing, productive, and laid-back.

Monday-Morning walk with Cheri, lunch with my mom, ran errands
Tuesday-Morning workout, found great deal on changing table at local flea/antique market and bought it, lunch with Page, cooked-out for dinner
Wednesday-Morning walk with Cheri, lunch with my mom and dad, relaxing evening at home
Thursday-Went out of town with my mom for our annual church conference at which I was a delegate (vote on certain decisions for the church) and she's on the board of trustees, meetings during day, dinner and nice, relaxing evening with my mom
Friday-Morning worship service at conference (very inspirational), meetings, afternoon of shopping with my mom, spent evening hanging out with my dad and Justin during my mom's evening meeting (they came to meet us so Justin could take me back home since my mom and dad stayed around town to meet up with old friends and my mom had more meetings), then we all had dinner together and Justin and I headed back home
Saturday-Slept in, cleaned, worked on our yard and mulched all of our beds, went fishing and had a picnic dinner with our best friends, Chad and Cheri
Sunday-Church, lunch with family after church, went to grocery, went back to church for mission trip planning meeting

Perfection.  I have a feeling (or at least hope) they'll all be this way!

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  1. What great deals at Wally World!

    I just love summer vacay schedules...they're the best!

  2. great job at walmart! i need to try the whole price match deal...one day when i am brave & patient. those ice cubes are really neat - i have never seen anything like that.

    have a great day!

  3. your week sounded amazing! getting into trucks is always a challenge....and never graceful. so i'm sure being short and preggo is a whole new ballgame! :) have a wonderful week cait!

  4. boo for work during the summer, i totally get it! and loved your first summer schedule, sounds like you will get in some good time pre baby!

  5. Loving your blog, Cait! I found it through Carissa's MM! :)

    New follower! :)


  6. Great WalMart deals! New follower here, cute blog. You and I have lots in common!

  7. Bonjour !
    I just discovered your blog by complete chance and I'm so glad I did ! It's absolutely lovely & I'm definitely following :)
    I can't wait to read more updates on you, little Adeline & your WalMart shopping trips (we don't have WalMart in France so I have to live vicariously through my American blogger friends ;))
    Bisous !

  8. I need to get on the ball with Walmart price-matching too!!!

  9. Hey sweet girl! Great deal on changing table, btw. I've always felt the same about price matching... I tried it once at Target and there was a loophole and they got out of honoring it. Since then, I haven't tried it again. Maybe I should! What a relaxing start to your summer. Enjoy your rest now... It won't last much longer. ; ) But, of course, having a baby is a million trillion times worth it!


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