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Today I'm loving...

This adorable hospital hat from Tweetlebug Boutique that I received as a gift today for little Adeline! A sweet teacher that was on my team this year said it was her favorite item she received for her little one and so she surprised me with one today.  I've had my eye on these and was planning on getting one...so sweet!!

Our new truck! We finally found a truck for Justin after a crazy amount of shopping around.  We had a cash budget we were sticking to, which made it more difficult, but so worth the wait! Hubby is so excited and looks mighty handsome in his new truck, I might add.  I'm loving driving it some too! I plan on doing a post very soon about our trials and tribulations of saving up and paying for an automobile with cash in hopes to help some readers out too.  One down, one to go.  Now on to find my new vehicle! :)

My recent finds at Bath and Body Works! I'm loving the scent of this Coconut Pineapple lotion for summer.  Best part...I had a coupon and got it free!! I also found this amazing Apricot Vanilla Lip Gloss for half off.  It's yummy!

Tomorrow is the last day of school! Enough said.

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  1. That hat is so sweet. Congrats on the last day of school!

  2. ooo i need one of those hats :) yay for posting that! love it!

  3. what a sweet hat! And adeline is such an adorable name :) Little girls are so much fun. Congratulations on your new truck!

    new follower, please stop on by..

  4. Love what your loving!

    Super cute blog...your newest follower,

    Hannah @ A Lovely Mess

    *stop by and say hi :)

  5. Thanks for playing along!

    How exciting to get a new truck! Getting me a new car is definitely on my to do list :)

  6. I totally need to try that lip gloss! Paying cash for a vehicle is the best feeling EVER. All but our company vehicles have been cash purchases, and it is just the best route. Definitely worth saving for!

  7. happy last day tomorrow!!! what a thrill!

    congrats on the new vehicle. and good for you going dave ramsey style. : )

    apricot+vanilla sounds like awesome gloss.

    happy summer, pretty, soon-to-be mama!

  8. 1. Love that precious little hat!
    2. We are both new truck owners! (but I'm thinking your hubby had a truck before?)
    3. My summer starts tomorrow too, happy last day :)

  9. yay for new vehicles! we are in the long process for saving up for a someday new car through cash-we're thinking at 2+ kids, we're going to need something bigger :) I'm excited to hear how you guys made it work!


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