oh the simple things

Yesterday, my mom, aunt, grandma and I went out shopping for the day.  I love these ladies and the precious time I so often get to spend with them! One of our main missions was to find the fabric that would be used in the nursery for the curtains, bed skirt, and possible a couple pillow covers.  Well we had tons of luck in that department, plus I found some other things that made me oh.so.happy!

First things first....the nursery.

I found material a week ago at a fabric store that I loved, but was extremely disappointed yesterday when we made it there to purchase the material before their sale ended on it and they were out.  Then, with my grandma's (an amazing seamstress) help, we determined that in order to do what I wanted to, it was going to be at least $70 just for material for the curtains.  On sale.  Um...nope.

So being the creative women they are, my mom, aunt, and grandma started explaining to me that you can use sheets to make curtains, etc.  I had never thought of that! So we went on a sheet hunt! I lucked out at one of our last stops...TJ Maxx.  Loved the store before.  Love it even more now.  For $39.99, I found the perfect King size sheet set that will have enough material to make the curtains, a bed skirt, and pillow covers. (That's almost half the price that just the curtains were going to cost.) And should I add that I actually like this material better?

the material next to a frilly pink pillow I snagged at Home Goods!
the material and pillow next to the wall color (although the pic doesn't show it too well, the color combo together makes my heart so happy.  Love it!)

Other simple finds that made me so excited were the goods pictured in the next photo...

-a free Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path travel size spray (love the scent!)
-a new planner (from Target) that is spiral bound and lime green.  perfection. (my heart leaps for joy when it comes to planners.  weird. i know.)
-a floral website password organizer (again, from Target, of course).  This was a guilty pleasure I had to have.  It will make my pregnancy brain a little less annoying.


Since Miss Adeline will make her debut a little over a month before Christmas, I decided to get started on my Christmas shopping.  I made a nice dent in my list already just from yesterday! yay!

Okay, I think that's all for now.  My heart was overflowing with excitement over these simple things.  Aren't the simple things the best?

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  1. I love love love that fabric! Curtains from sheets, genius! And now I want to go shopping at target :) love the simple things!

  2. I LOVE your fabric! It's so cute!!! :-)

  3. A website password organizer? I NEED that! I've learned that after pregnancy brain comes mommy brain so the forgetfulness doesn't end unfortunately!

  4. Love it! I am making my curtains from sheets, too---in fact, i JUST started them today! :) I've said it before and I'll say it again--i SO wish we lived closer! We could do all these fun project together!
    I love the fabric you chose-it is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you girls come up with! :)

  5. I'm loving the curtain fabric that you're going to use! It's SO cute!

  6. Adorable sheet set! I think it's so fun to repurpose things like that, my Mom always made the coolest things out of sheets.
    And yes, the simple things truly are the sweetest!

  7. Oh the fabric is precious! Love your simple finds!

  8. Cute! I get so excited over new planners too!!

  9. Hey Cait! Stumbled across your blog and lovin' it! That fabric is so cute and I'm with you, I get way to excited over planners =D

  10. I'm your newest follower! Love your blog. Congratulations on your sweet baby girl on the way! :)

  11. ahhhh i just LOVEEE that material! :) so perfect!!
    and I'm dying for a new planner and have my eye set on one but it doesnt come out (i konw right, a planner that has a debut ha) until late july... I can hardly wait!!

    congrats on being 1/2 way there too !:)

  12. awww... love the fabrics. i agree, shopping with mom and grandma cannot be beat!


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