First of all, 

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you each have a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating with family and friends!

Second, I wanted to let you know that Ashleigh and I let the end of the month sneak up on us! We will have our "How Much Can I Save in a Year" link-up posted on Tuesday, July 5th! Come back by and join in!

 Finally, hubby and I will be serving on a mission trip this coming week with our church family.  We are beyond blessed to be able to do this each summer! We started out going as part of our youth group (kiddos ourselves) and now the Lord has blessed us for the past seven years to serve in a more leadership role as adults.  Due to my current "state" ;) I'll be staying away from the work sites next week and be the "designated blogger" for the trip with my dear friend, Cheri's help with the photo/video side of things! You can check out our daily activities on our mission trip blog found here!

So other than a couple scheduled posts, I won't be around this blog much for the next week.  I'll be back to blogging here next week and getting caught up on your wonderful blogs! Y'all have a joy-filled, blessed week!

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  1. How fun! I hope the mission is blessed for you! Have a fun week, friend!

  2. Have a wonderful time on the mission trip!

  3. love that you're the blogger! how fitting!

  4. have a great trip!! praying for all that yall will be involved with!


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