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We recently took a vacation with Justin's parents to Fort Myers Beach. We spent a week and a half doing nothing but swimming in the pool, hanging out at the beach, shopping, eating, and relaxing.  It was perfection! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. :)
we spent a lot of time by the beautiful gulf
we stopped at one of Justin's favorite places...Beach Seafood Market...after the beach one day
we picked up these little guys for my mother-in-law to do her famous shrimp boil
Tuesday of our trip (the 19th) was our 3rd wedding anniversary.  I knew Justin had a surprise up his sleeve because he told me not to peek at the charge that was on our bank account (it was tempting but I didn't :).  The morning of our anniversary, he told me to just get ready for the beach.  I followed his directions but was surprised when he took me to our bedroom and showed me the suitcase on the bed.  He let me know that I just needed to pack enough for an overnight bag.  I was confused.  (Sidenote--We spent most of our honeymoon in Fort Myers Beach at an amazing resort, The Pink Shell.  The resort had a spa and so my only guess up to this point was that maybe we were going to the beach and then spending the day at the spa.)

in the car on the morning of our anniversary--heading out for our surprise day Justin had planned
The spot we usually go to the beach is near The Pink Shell.  I was of course super excited when Justin pulled the car into the Pink Shell valet area and told me to go ahead and get out so that we could go check in.  (We were spending the day and night at The Pink Shell!)  We went to the counter and checked in.  Justin asked if they were able to reserve the room he had requested.  The lady said that they had, handed us our items, and welcomed us back to The Pink Shell--I was probably looking like a kid on Christmas morning at this point--I love this place!

We took our luggage to our room--the exact same room we spent our honeymoon in--beach front and just as gorgeous as I had remembered!

view from our balcony
a picture on the same balcony, three years after we visited the first time
We spent the day between the beach and the pool.  We ate lunch at the bar by the pool, relaxed, and simply enjoyed being with each other. 

by the pool
That night we drove over to Sanibel Island (another one of my favorite things about the Fort Myers area) and ate at a yummy Italian restaurant, Metzaluna.

after dinner
our silly illustrations on our table--gotta love restaurants that give you crayons and paper on the table!
After dinner we drove around the gorgeous island sight-seeing.

of course we had to get a bump picture (this was Adeline's second trip to the beach already)

on the beach in Sanibel
my love
sunset at Lovers Key
We spent the rest of the evening walking along the beach at our resort enjoying our complementary beverages (non-alcoholic pina coladas...yum!).  The next morning we had a great breakfast at their beachfront restaurant (free for being return customers!)

The anniversary celebration was perfect.  I'm so blessed to have a hubby that knows my love language perfectly--quality time--and goes out of his way to express his love.

We spent the rest of the week relaxing and enjoying ourselves!

with Justin's parents

having fun after dinner
What a fun time! We hated to leave but it helps to know we'll be back soon (after baby)! Now that will be a whole new type of fun! :)

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  1. oh my gosh how fun! i am pretty jealous right now :)
    and how sweet you guys got to spend the night in the exact same room-what a special memory! next summer you can take adeline to that room too!

  2. Looks lovely. Wish I were at a beach right about now. Enjoy :)

  3. How fun!!! What a great hubby!

  4. how sweet!!! what a wonderful day yall had! and happy late anniversary, what a special way to celebrate :)

  5. What a fun trip! Love the bump picture!

  6. What a great trip! I love the picture of you and your bump!


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