bump update--weeks 24 and 25

beach bump pic for this update!
I'm finally back to update y'all on the bump! We have been traveling for over half of this month and then that of course makes the weeks in between crazy.  Even though summer is winding down and school is starting soon (yikes!), I feel my blog groove coming back.  Hopefully this means this little blog of mine will start to have a little more action on it.  This pregnant gal isn't promising anything, though.  Just hoping! :)

How far along: Almost to 26 weeks (on Saturday).

Baby size: Eggplant--that's crazy! (average length is a little over a foot and weight averages vary from 1 1/2 to 2 pounds)

Total weight gain/loss: About 10 pounds according to my appointment yesterday.

Sleep: Still good! We were on vacation in Florida last week (pics and more on that coming, I promise!).  We slept in every morning only to wake up to the amazing smell of my mother-in-law fixing breakfast.  It was heaven.

Movement: Constant! And it's happening at all different times of the day.  I am constantly feeling and seeing my stomach pop out on the right and left sides (usually around the level of my belly button).  Sometimes it's just on one side, sometimes on both.  She's a little busy body and sometimes for a few minutes in a row, I will see rumbles on the top of my belly.  She kicked another family member this week--my aunt! Just Justin had felt her kick until my Aunt did.  I'm sure that list will increase.  Also, I told Justin tonight that I think she might have some of her mommy's claustrophobic tendencies.  Today she was pushing out right at the waistband on my pants and then when we were traveling last week, she would push out right at the lap band of my seat belt.  Justin says she's ready to come on out, I say no way.  She needs to bake, bake, bake for a while longer! (Oh wait...that may be another quality she takes after me--being impatient! ;)

Food cravings/aversions: I'm weird in that department, I guess.  No cravings really.  I'm still not wanting red meat hardly at all.  I had one random craving for a McD's cheeseburger after a day at the beach last week.  Other than that, I just want lots and I mean lots of ice in my drinks.

Pregnancy Symptoms: I had the worst indigestion of my life last week after having a garlic-rich dinner.  (No more garlic until after baby!) It was so painful right under my chest and in my back.  All I could do was curl up and try to sleep it off.  Thank goodness Tums did help! However, I did say that if it had been any lower in my stomach, I would have had Justin take me to the ER.  It was that bad.  I get a pain in my left calf when I'm on my feet for a while.  Other than that...just growing pains in the ol' belly bump! :)

What I miss: Nothing other than being able to bend over like a normal person.  Geesh!

What I'm looking forward to: We're just ready to meet this little one and see what this mommy and daddy thing is all about! :)

Milestones: For me--the bump just continues to round.  For Adeline--her sense of equilibrium is now in place.  I'm predicting this will mean an increase in movement and dance parties in my belly! :)

Best moment this week: The entire week...we were in FL at the beach! Enough said?! My favorite part of the week was our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 19th, though.  It was absolute perfection.  I will share with y'all in my post about our vacation! My hubby is a charmer.

Moments with Justin: Definitely our anniversary!  Oh and if I may be raw with you all...maybe the {slight} teary meltdown I had at the doorway of the nursery last night as I vented about how all the "unfinished projects" are driving me crazy and stressing me out.  He took my tears like a champ, held me, challenged me to spend some quiet time with God to find some peace for my soul, and I was reminded all over again why I fell in love with my man and why he's going to make the most amazing daddy to our baby girl.

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  1. What a sweet husband you have! What would we do without them?! You look adorable!!

  2. LOVE the beach bump pic! Too cute! You look great!!! And OMG the worst indegestion I had was in my back, in between my shoulder blades...it was TERRIBLE! Thankfully I haven't had it a lot or I'd be one un-happy camper! Can't wait to hear about the anniversary!!

  3. Oh, indegestion is the worst. I've tried to stay away from spicy and fried foods. Even caffenine can cause it. I hope it doesn't come back, but it is a big symptom unfortunately for pregnancy. I am so glad you enjoyed your vacation.. and happy belated anniversary

  4. Happy anniversary, a little late! I'm glad you were able to spend it in Florida together, what a great vacation. You look so great for how far along you are! And your husband really seems incredibly sweet :)

  5. what a fun trip! can't wait to hear more about it and yalls anniversary! you are looking wonderful :)

  6. I didn't really have that many cravings either. I mean I sorta did but not sure they were "cravings" ...you prob know what I mean. :) You're looking good!


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