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I have found three things lately that have made my life a little more complete.  Okay, maybe that's a little over-the-top...but if you haven't heard of any of them...you will thank me.  I'm sure of it.


What I need is something else to distract me.  ;)

This is a website where you can post all of your inspiration you find online by "pinning" it to boards that you created (i.e. "for the home", "baby", etc.).  You can also re-pin things other people find.  (You will need to "request an invite" from Pinterest which will take a couple days, and then you can start pinning!) 
Warning:  This may be more addictive than Facebook.  Actually I'm sure it is.

I would love to follow you!


{instagram app for iphone]

waterpark on the 4th

our backyard

@ Lowe's doing the homeowners thing

fresh fruit salad I made. yum.

I took all of these pics with my iPhone and then edited them using Instragram.  This awesome app lets you post your pics and those people that you "follow" and follow you can see your pics.  You can also post comments and "love" pictures of those you follow.  Find me @theblessedlife19



oh. my. word.

I'm thanking my little bro big time for sharing this with me.  You can download this on your computer and there is an app as well.  Let's just say that I no longer will need to hook my phone up to my computer to save pictures! Amazing.

You can upload documents to your dropbox either on your computer or on your phone...and then you have those documents at all times.  The best part is your documents are backed up electronically!

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  1. I'm following you on Pinterest now (Holly Jean)...it's so addicting! I loooove the Instagram app!!! It makes normal pictures just that much better :) I've heard of Dropbox, so maybe I will need to try that out. Happy Friday!

  2. I am also completely addicted to pinterest and love instagram! Thanks for letting us know about Dropbox. I'm going to check it out right now!

  3. I LOVE Pinterest and Instagram too! I didn't know about Dropbox, but I need it!

  4. i am soooooooooo addicted to pinterest!!!! haha! it really is fun. sometimes their website runs slow and it drives me nuts. i don't have an iphone or i would totally join up with the picture thing. my droid has something similar. i hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!! :-)

  5. i have been trying to avoid pinterest becuase i've heard it's so addicted and I do NOT need to spend any more time on the computer in one day :)
    I love the lowe's pic-justin looks like he's having a blast haha. that is definitely me at all of our trips there-pushing the cart, following tony around with that same look on my face :)

  6. LOVE pinterest!!!!! I'm following you now!!!


  7. I'm going to check out Dropbox NOW! It is definitely something I need to get all of my pics off my phone!

  8. I'm excited ab Dropbox!!
    Pinterest is addicting!! In cas e you can't tell from my boards.

  9. I love Pinterest and refuse to spend too much time there! Ha! I am following you there now. I love Instagram. It's really helped me to begin taking pictures. I've never heard of Drop Box so will have to check that out for sure.

  10. dropbox is genius. instagram is fantastic. pinterest... i haven't explored that world yet. it just came out of nowhere and it's taking off!!! i'm sure it's fantastic.

  11. yes yes yes! love pinterest and instagram. but i dont use instagram as much as i should. and dropbox is awesome. i was able to share a bunch of pictures with my mom & sister without attaching them one by one to an email. talk about a time saver!

  12. I use Dropbox to share music with friends... it is AMAZING! I love it! I've heard of pintrest but never really knew much about it... looks like I might have to take the plunge! :)

  13. Caiiiit! Can you pretty please send me an invite to Pintrest? I have been trying for days to request an invitation, but it won't let me submit my email. :( My email address is lindseychristmas@yahoo.com. Thank you so much lady! :)))


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