weekly update-18 weeks

breaking the "no horizontal stripes" rule of pregnancy
How far along: 18 weeks

Baby size: Sweet Potato!

Total weight gain/loss: I'm up almost 6 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.  (Can I just say pregnancy is extremely humbling as you watch the scales go up and you are supposed to be happy with that.  Whew.)

Sleep: Good! Now that it's summer I'm getting plenty of rest...yay! I get up with Justin each morning...he has to leave our house around 6:45.  And it's funny because some mornings I'm exhausted and go right back to sleep and sleep like a rock until my alarm goes off again.  Other mornings, I am wide awake and can't go back to sleep.

Movement: I'm so excited to report a big fat Yes! And this is the first week I'm confident it's movement.  I had felt more pops and twists this week than in the past.  Well at one point this week Justin and I got Boone going and he started barking really loud.  All the sudden I felt a big jolt under my belly button.  It was so funny.  (I'm loving the fact that supposedly she's already getting used to noises from her environment like Boone barking and it won't bother or startle her when she's here.  I was excited when I read that in one of my magazines...because Boone is her big bro...and we would like for her to get very used to him asap.)

Also, I've been really good about staying active this week.  On Monday and Wednesday I took a long morning walk with my best friend, Cheri.  On Tuesday, I did a prenatal second trimester workout DVD, on Friday I walked around a lot shopping with my mom, and on Saturday, we worked on our front yard and mulched.  Each day that I was really active, she was also extremely active in the evening.  On the one day I was not active (Thursday), I felt her maybe just a couple times.  Talk about motivation to get moving! :)

Last neat movement story...we went fishing Saturday night with our best friends, Chad and Cheri.  I grew up on a farm and did all the outdoorsy stuff including fishing. (I'm talking even putting the live worms on the hook.) Justin loves to fish and loves outdoorsy stuff too.  Well, thankfully, this little girl must love the outdoors and being by water too, because as we fished, she moved constantly.  I loved it and it was so relaxing and peaceful to focus on as we fished.

Food cravings/aversions: Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pibb, Dr. Thunder.......or whatever crazy rendition of it you can find...I'm loving the taste of it.  I'm limiting myself though due to the caffeine.  Supposedly if you go more south you can find caffeine-free regular Dr. Pepper (we just have caffeine free diet...which I am completely staying away from aspartame in pregnancy).  Boo.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Um the ladies continue to get bigger.  (That's getting old!) Hormones are up and down.  Some heartburn.  Calf cramps.  Nothing really worth complaining about.  I daily thank God for how simple this pregnancy has been so far and just pray that it keeps up that way.

What I miss: Really nothing...I'm super blessed to have this sweet baby on the way.  However, if I'm going to be honest, as easy as this pregnancy has been so far for me (knock on wood), I don't think I'm one of those people that will ever say "I love being pregnant!" I love that people can say that, but I just get weirded out when anything is different with my body...and let's just say a lot is different with your body when you're pregnant.

What I'm looking forward to: Our second ultrasound coming up in a couple weeks.  I'm anxious to see her again! (Ditto from last week!)

Milestones: Well movement really started this week....big yay for that one!

Best moment this week: Feeling all the movement and getting active!

Moments with Justin: Adeline received her first belly kisses from Daddy this week.  I think the bump getting bigger is another way that it continues to get more and more real to him.

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  1. YAY for movement!! Isn't it the best?? And your girls will only get bigger when you start nursing! So get used to it :) I loved when John would kiss my belly! Daddy baby love is the best

  2. YAY Movement!!! :-) I agree...my little one is WAY more active at night when I've had a big day!!!! :-)

  3. It's definitely true that they get used to noises in utero. Our dogs bark all the time and E doesn't even flinch. I guess she heard it so much while I was pregnant that it's nothing to her now. I'm sure it will be the same with your sweet girl and she and Boone will be best buds. :)

  4. Yay for movement! A lot of people told me that once you start feeling him/her move they won't stop. And it's true. The movements you will feel over the next couple of weeks will increase and become stronger. And you will feel them higher up on your stomach too! So happy for you. It
    makes the pregnancy seem so much more real.

  5. what an exciting week with the movement!!

  6. yay yay yay for feeling her move! that is amazing! isn't it the most special thing you've ever felt?!

  7. Eh, I broke the horizontal stripes rule many times - I don't thinkit makes too big a difference! I for sure felt movement at 18 weeks too - it's so exciting! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who wanted to avoid artificial sweeteners during pregnancy - when I asked my pediatrician about it in regards to breastfeeding, she thought I was crazy, and said I didn't need to avoid it during pregnancy - but you just don't know what it could do, you know?


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