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We have a great flea/antique market in our small town.  Some junk...but lots of treasures.  A few weeks ago I found a great, solid wood dresser/changing table and was very impressed by the quality, condition, and price.  I let a couple weeks go by and stopped in one afternoon just to see if it was still there.  It was.  I took it as a sign!

I texted a pic to Justin, my mom, and my sis-in-law to get input.  Then my mom, dad, and Justin all went to look at it to check out the condition...they were all very impressed with the quality.  The price was $95.  However, I knew it had been up there for close to a month and after talking with my parents, decided that it was reasonable to ask for at least 20% off the price since it was a big item.  (Most dealers at places like this will come down 20% off their asking price...just a tip!)

Justin and I went in one evening, called the dealer and left a message with our offer of $70 and didn't get a call back.  So I called the next morning and the lady answered! She countered with $75 and I was thrilled! (Honestly, I thought $95 would even be a great deal.  So to get this great piece of furniture for $20 less is even better!) We paid for it that day and they held it for us.  Justin and our brother-in-law picked it up two days later and it now sits in our empty room...waiting for a sweet baby!

I know I mentioned in an earlier post that I wasn't sure about wood color for the nursery.  For some reason, I didn't think I would, but I'm really loving the whimsical, young feel of this natural wood color.  It's just very serene.  I think we will still go with a white crib.  And if we really feel like it, we can paint this white.

The other great thing about this is it's exactly what I wanted to find for the nursery since we don't have room for a dresser and changing table.  I've always loved the idea of combining the two.  It already has snaps screwed into the back, so we just have to find a changing pad that has the snaps to secure it on top.

And finally, Baby Bargains, is our registering and planning bible right now.  I highly recommend it! They recommend a good deal on buying a new changing table/dresser combo is about $500.  That means we saved $425 off their suggestion.  (Although I know most people wouldn't even pay $500 as getting "a deal".)

So there you have it...our first nursery purchase!!

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  1. Great find!!! I love it! Love what you're doing with the nursery too. And you are looking so cute. Girl, you can rock out the horizontal stripes! I'm so glad I finally look pregnant from the front...my side shots were never quite so cute as yours!! :) Yes, I love that book - I obsessed over it for a handful of weeks it seems. Great resource. Let's do some baby store exploring soon! :)

  2. wow wow wow, i love it! and a good deal at $500?! not in my world, ha :) and i love that you texted your family/hubs about the piece -- i do the same thing! how did we survive and make good purchases before that nifty little feature?

  3. WOW!! What a great deal!! And it is super cute!!

  4. You could definitely paint that little beauty. We paint and distress nearly EVERYTHING we buy and I could see that being a little shabby chic element in her sweet room! What an awesome deal!

  5. good buy! nurseries don't have to cost a lot!

  6. That is a beautiful changing table, and what a deal!! I think the wood is a great color and you can always paint it or stencil it to add some color!

  7. Love the dresser changing table! We did that too!

  8. that is awesome! what a steal! we have a changing table, but i would have loved to have gotten a combo like this...i bet you'll use it for many many years! i agree with nicole-i could totally see it white and distressed. it would be so lovely! great find!

  9. You're off to a great start! Love it. Can't wait to see more. You will have to hit up the consignment sales too. Such good deals!


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