How Much Can I Save in a Year? Update!

 My savings continue to climb from that slump during my first trimester! I'm up from last month...yay! We also worked hard to just simply not spend a lot of money this month...we're in the midst of selling both our cars and both getting new ones.  So needless to say, that puts a bit of a slow-down on other spending!

May Savings 

2011 Total Savings

Best of Savings

Free Items this month with coupons:

-Full size Head and Shoulders conditioner
-Yogurt cup
-Bag of Baked Ruffles
-Full size Signature Body Lotion from Bath and Body Works

A Little Savings Tidbit

-If you shop at Kroger, watch carefully for those coupons that print out at the register.  This month I got a freebie coupon for a free cup of yogurt.  A lot of times these coupons aren't valuable to me because it's not something we buy.  However, I can eat anything that's free! ;)

-I'm learning that those big box stores really are worth the membership fee.  We have perused our local Costco and Sam's.  While we are still trying to decide which one to join, we did find they are cheaper on our dog food, milk, chips, Gatorade and many other items we buy regularly that we can buy in bulk due to a longer shelf-life (minus the milk, of course, which you can just buy by gallon).  (And this is even after you consider the membership fee.)  We've found they are cheapest on baby wipes too which will be important come November.  They do have different coupon policies.  Sam's-- I'm not 100% positive about, but I do know Costco doesn't accept manufacturer's coupons but send out their own coupon booklet (that looked pretty good) once a month.  If you have your own thoughts on these stores, I would love to hear any and all info as we are still weighing our options!

Now it's your turn! Grab the button and link up below with a deals post of your own.  Whether its an update on your savings so far this year or just a great trip you had with great savings! Anything goes! Also, make sure to go check out Thankfully Thrifty to see how Ashleigh's savings are going so far this year!

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  1. your total savings for the year is AMAZING!!!!! good job girl! :)

  2. Yes! I love CostCo! We are members of both, but Sams through my dad and CostCo through my mother-in-law! :)

  3. Oh and CostCo has organic! And I did buy 2 shirts there recently...

  4. I'm not 100% sure about this, but I don't think that Sam's accepts coupons. The savings really is worth it though. We figured out that milk alone at Sam's we save more than our $40/annual membership fee. Plus bread, eggs, dog food, paper towels & toilet paper. You just have to be careful not to get sucked into the other stuff : ) At least I did! I Learned my lesson the hard way! And Sam's does have really cheap diapers and wipes...my friends save lots of money on those at Sam's!

  5. great freebies!! and i'm sure those stores are great for pets & babies -- when we reach that stage i know we will look more into it!


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