update-week 14

my pants make my belly look pointy...weird

I'm doing a quick update just for my own records...this update should have been posted Saturday.  I promise I'll get better about that! I'm sure it doesn't bother anyone else...but it bothers my OCD self. :)

How far along: 14 weeks

Babe size: Lemon

Total weight gain/loss: Still just up a pound from pre-pregnancy weight.

Sleep: Sleep was good during my 14th week.  I was really tired this week and seemed that the energy I had gained left me again.

Movement: Don't think so.  (Especially now knowing my weeks were off...too early really.)

Food cravings/aversions: No crazy cravings...I'm just SO thirsty all the time!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Headaches and neck aches started this week.  My appetite continues to increase!

What I miss: Nothing really right now.

What I'm looking forward to: Well of course at the end of 14 weeks I was crazy excited to meet the little one on the screen and find out the gender!

Milestones:Nothing exciting for me really.  Sweet baby can suck its thumb and wiggle its toes and fingers this week.  It's also growing lanugo (thin hair for warmth).

That's all for week 14...pretty uneventful.  Week 15 will have more details!

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  1. cait, i love the cardigan you are wearing -- too cute! cant wait to hear all of the fun details of week 15!

  2. it's kind of crazy that you had to 'go back in time' in your weeks! i'm so glad they could tell the gender, even though you weren't as far as they thought! you look beautiful!

  3. you look so pretty!!! and congrats on the baby girl! i'm always so surprised how early everyone is finding out what they're having... i waited till 21 weeks. and that was only a year ago! it's amazing how quickly things evolve. a baby girl is going to steal your heart. i'm just thrilled for you!


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