15 weeks!

This picture is proof that I've finally gotten active in pregnancy!! I took an hour long walk on Saturday...whoo hoo!
How far along: 15 weeks

Babe size: Baby is the size of an orange.

Total weight gain/loss: Gained two more pounds according to doctor...my total is up 3 from pre-pregnancy.

Sleep: It was just so-so this past week.  And even though sleep was just so-so, I was exhausted this week.  I had a little more discomfort in my side/belly when sleeping s now I'm trying to prop my belly up a little.  It's weird thought, because it's not that my belly is big, I guess it's just the way things have moved.  I did notice it's a little more on my left side too and I know that's the side she's hanging out more on based on our doctor visits and where they have found her in the ultrasound and when they were looking for the heartbeat each time.

Movement: I still don't think so.  I'm getting impatient, but I know it really shouldn't happen quite yet.  She's definitely moving...we saw it on the ultrasound, she's just still too itty bitty for me to feel it. :)

Food cravings/aversions: Cravings still aren't anything weird or worth noting.  I really am just hungry all the time and want food all the time.  Minute Maid orange juice has been the only thing that I have really wanted a lot of.  Honestly, my aversions are almost completely gone.  I never thought I would be able to say that.  There was a point I wondered if I would ever know what it was like to eat normal again, ha!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Headaches if I get hungry that don't go away.  I've always been one to get headaches when I get hungry, but they would go away once I ate.  Now, if I let myself get to that point and then I eat, they don't get any less intense.  I still have occasional neck pain on my right side too.  It's the same feeling you get when you sleep on your neck the wrong way.  I am feeling some round ligament pain when I cough, sneeze, or move suddenly.  I'm thirsty all the time.  I am getting dizzy at times now.  And I have crazy hot flashes at times that make my cheeks get really hot.  Pregnancy is a funny thing.

What I miss: Hmm...nothing really right now.  I'm so thankful to feel pretty "normal" all the time at this point.

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling this sweet baby move!

Milestones: Finding out our sweet little on is a little girl! Adeline Grace.  The lady that did our ultrasound snuck it in as she explained how "you can tell by looking between her legs".  It caught us off-guard but was such a happy moment.  We both for sure thought it was a boy.  Although a healthy baby was our only request! Also, just like I thought from the beginning, I'm not as far along as they thought.  My due date has been changed to November 5th.  (Four days away from Justin's birthday!) I was 15 weeks 2 days at our ultrasound appointment.  Both the woman that did our ultrasound and our doctor were amazed by all they could see at the 15 week point.  They were able to measure and see almost everything that wanted to.  Everything they measured and looked at were healthy and developing as they should.  They were already able to show us all the chambers of the heart, the arteries, her spine, her brain, the bones in her legs and that her feet are properly aligned with her legs.  Crazy things I wouldn't have even thought of! We do get another ultrasound at 19 1/2 weeks so they can get a better picture of what was still too small to see at this one.  I was so silent during the ultrasound, I think holding my breath the whole time.  Thankfully Justin was there to talk with the lady.  I just held my breath with each body part she examined, praying once again that it was healthy just like we have from the beginning.  God is so good!

Best moment this week: We had quite a few since we found out the gender.  It was so fun and exciting to hear and see everyone's reaction to the news that she's a girl and her sweet name.  It was also very exciting to go shopping with my mom and grandma the day after with a gender in mind.  Oh my! She already has a wardrobe started. :D

Moments with Justin: Of course the ultrasound where we met our little girl for the first time was a special moment as a couple.  Justin knew how anxious I was because it was the first time we would see how healthy she was since we opted out of any extra testing and screening.  He held my hand the entire time and was better than I was at following the tech as she went through each body organ and system.  It was also pretty funny to see his reaction when I explained to him that, Lord willing, he now has at least one wedding to pay for. ;)

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  1. It sounds like you had SUCH a great tech and ultrasound visit! Praise the Lord! I'm so glad that your eating habits are returning to normal. I THINK mine might be getting there! I've been wondering-do you pronounce her name like Adalynn or just like it is spelled and line instead of lynn? Tony has a cousin named Adalynn so I was just wondering which way you say it-I've never seen it spelled like that. I love it : )

  2. Try a pillow between your knees when sleeping. I found it really helpEd me! So exciting that you know the gender so early!!!

  3. How exciting! :) Love your blog, by the way.

  4. you make such a cute preggers! thanks for the blog lovin'!


  5. I'm sure you will feel her soon, and there might be a point when you wish she'd quit moving so you can sleep!

    Chad says if we have a girl, our girls could be best friends (like us =]) and if we have a boy then he has two girls to choose from, Adeline and Jacey! haha I thought it was hilariously that he has already chosen our future first born's best friend or future spouse. He's silly like that.


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