weekly update...better late than never (week 13)

We have been so, so busy lately.  I've been MIA in blogworld.  From my blog...from your blog.  Hoping to get back into the swing of things soon! I had to stop for a minute in our crazy schedule to post a bump update of course!

How far along: 13 weeks

Babe size: Peach

Total weight gain/loss: Oh the scales are startin' to creep a bit! I'm thinking it's because food it tasting good and I'm wanting the food often...people told me this was coming. ;)

Sleep: Great.  The last two nights I have slept so sound I didn't even have to get up to go to the bathroom until about 6 am.  Much better from the nights of waking up 2 and 3 times to pee!

Movement: Last Sunday I felt a movement right beneath my belly button when I was bending over...like that fish swimming movement they talk about. I leaned back, rubbed my belly, talked to baby (because he or she can hear me now!), hoping for more...but nothing.  Nothing since either.

Food cravings/aversions: The eating just keeps getting better, hallelujah! I'm loving McDonald's orange juice.  I'm also loving clementines.  Do you sense a pattern? I guess citrus is tasting great to me right now.  And I had a breakthrough today...french fries tasted normal again.  Still not as great as before pregnancy, which I'm thankful for because I'm trying to stay away, but much closer to normal!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Well the tears have started pouring.  Over everything.  I have broken down in a restaurant twice the past week just over simple conversation.  I get teary-eyed when my kiddos are sweet to each other at school.  And we sold my car this week that I have had since my sophomore year in college (more details to come about that)...and I cried like a baby!

What I miss: Clearer skin, better hair...it's gone all frizzy/wacky on me.

What I'm looking forward to: Gender appointment this coming Monday!! CANNOT wait! For some reason, I've felt like all my planning...registering, nursery, etc. has been put on hold until then.  Once we find out (fingers crossed), I'm thinking I may go wild.

Milestones: My bump is taking form.  I think you can tell in the picture...but in case not, just trust me.

Best moment this week: Goodness, I need to write these down as they happen so I don't forget when I sit down to type my updates.  Well my 2-door not-for-a-mommy car sold as I mentioned above.  That's a pretty big moment...and although it was sad...it's such a relief since we are one car closer to having a "mommy"/"family" car.  So that was a great moment...especially since we only dropped $400 off our asking price!

Moments with Justin: Hmm...we've been going nonstop and have been super busy...so I can't pinpoint anything.  He has of course been a trooper this week with my up-and-down emotions! I'm so grateful for a patient, kind husband!

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  1. You look great! I'm thinking it's a boy . . .

  2. I'm so excited to hear what you are having!!! : ) I can definitely see your little bump-you are adorable! I don't know if you read my last post or not but we are having a girl--you were right!!! I tried the caffeine trick and it had the opposite effect on her-she wanted to sleep the whole time and would NOT flip over. Hopefully your babe cooperates better than my stinker ; )

  3. I came across your page and wanted to say Congrats! We are not far apart...I am due Sept. 19th! Good luck Monday, I felt like everything was on hold until we found out too!!

  4. You're getting SO close to finding out what you're having- how exciting! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling good and that food is starting to taste better and yay for feeling movement! That's the best!

  5. So glad to hear your food aversions have gotten better!! I craved oranges and things like that too! Your looking great..can't WAIT to find out what your having!


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