bump update-week 11

*Disclaimer:  I'm way late on posting this...at this point I'm actually halfway through my 12th week, which I will post about at the end of it...this weekend.

How far along: 11 weeks

Babe size: Lime

Total weight gain/loss: Gained a pound according to doctor.

Sleep: Sleep is going well! I actually have to use the extra pillow less...but I definitely have to get up to use the bathroom more.

Movement: Felt a few flutters this week as well.  I'm still not positive it's movement.

Food cravings/aversions: Aversions are getting so much better! More food tastes good...praise the Lord! I am actually having some occasional cravings...but nothing too strong to mention.  I think I'm actually referring to things just sounding good to me now as "cravings"...when really it's just my appetite coming back. :) Because let's be honest...food tasting good again is a super milestone and something to get excited about.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Um things are starting to seem normal now...and don't stand out to me as much.  Still the whole gross gag reflex thing when I brush my teeth.  Food aversions are still there occasionally.  Metal mouth taste after eating or drinking some things.  Um and I guess I have to admit I spoke too soon last week...hormones are definitely firing up.  Poor things...it seems like it's mainly my kiddos at school that are getting the brunt of my impatience.  (Side note...my coworker that is pregnant told me she let her kids know that the bigger the belly got, the less patience she had....I think I may use that line. ha!)  Justin is seeing the weepy/crying side of me more often.  Let's just say people should be more cautious what they say around pregnant women.  Things that seem harmless...can do a number on your emotions!

What I miss: Not feeling so bloated and full (not as in full of food...just full) all the time...I guess I should just get used to it, huh?

What I'm looking forward to: Gender/first ultrasound appointment.  Can't wait!! (Any tips that have worked for you to make sure the sweet little one gives you enough of a "show" to reveal gender?)

Milestones: I'm actually in some maternity pants...because, frankly, I need blue jeans in my life again.  And I need to breathe in those blue jeans.

Best moment this week:  Hearing the heartbeat again! Such a wonderful sound.  And since we were the last appointment of the day...she took tons of time letting us hear it.  Also, the one thing we were a tad concerned with being a possibility was ruled out.  Cystic fibrosis has been found in Justin's family...just as carriers and Justin didn't get to check if he was a carrier before we found out we were expecting.  So they tested me to make sure...thankfully I'm not a carrier.  If both parents are...baby's chances are greatly elevated.  With me not being a carrier, we don't need to worry about seeing if Justin is a carrier.

Moments with Justin: He was beaming my entire doctor appointment.  He kept joking with the doctor about giving him some hints on the heart rate...she laughed and explained to him that the whole heart rate as a gender predictor thing isn't necessarily accurate at all.  She still caved and let us know it was 160.  Justin joked that it was fast (trying to get more info out of her)...and she replied with "it's perfect".  I love how laid-back he's being about this whole thing...I hope he stays that way the whole pregnancy.  His calmness has always been so great for me...I'm not laid back.  If he stays laid back I know it will help me so much...especially when it comes time for delivery.

My questions for you lovely ladies who are or have been pregnant (or if you haven't been and just have some advice)...
*What was your first step for registering...like how much research/surveying of others did you do before you actually started?
*Where did you first feel movement...like location in your belly?
*If you had one tip to share about anything related to the second trimester...what would it be?

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  1. 1- At my gender appoitment Georgia had her legs closed tight! I drank fruit punch hi-c and that got her going although the tech said they react to anything really cold and that is for sure true with baby G. Anytime I drink ice water she goes crazy!
    2- I printed a list of what to register for and went over it with my sister in law who has 2 kids. She told me what I didn't need and gave me some tips. Example: I registered for evenflo bottles because they fit the medela breast pump which I already had. She also said stick with one type of bottle so you don't have to sort all the parts after you wash them since they'll all fit because your bottles are all the same.
    3- I carried super low early on so I would feel the movement near my hip bones or in that general area.
    4- Don't expect the 2nd trimester to be magical and once you get there for all of your preggers symptoms to go away. Just listen to your body...if you're tired then SLEEP and if you're hungry then EAT!

  2. Ugh I had the same gag reflex when I brushed my teeth! I never had morning sickness but I had that BAD! It does go away though :) And then for me returned toward the end :(

    1. I didn't do too much research before registering but I did check out the registries of some friends to get an idea. I took my mom with us to help decide what was necessary and what wasn't. The place you register will also give you a book of items and you can go through it and decide what you think it worth registering for.
    2. My first movement was pretty low in my abdomen and every week as he got bigger the movement moved up toward my belly button. Then sooner or later it was everywhere!
    3. Second trimester - live it up! You will feel the best you will ever feel the entire pregnancy (most likely) so use that time to do most of the time consuming stuff (registering, working on the nursery, etc.) because come third trimester you might not feel like it!

    And 160 sounds pretty high which could mean girl but you never know! Liam's was always around 145 and my friend who had a girl was always 170s. I tried ALL the different old wives tales!

  3. I just started our registry yesterday : ) I'm excited to see what you register for! So far I only put our travel system, monitor (we want the angel care one) swing on there...the big things we know we want. I think we're going to wait until we know the gender next week to do the rest but I can't wait.
    Movement was SUPER low (and still is). I figured it would be low below my belly button but it was even lower...like where my pants sit...around there.
    Second trimester tip? The books LIE! : ) Everything does not go away in the second trimester...at least not for me!

  4. 1. I did TONS of research before registering. I really wanted to make sure I picked out stuff that I would really like and that would last. I bought the book Baby Bargains and it was really helpful.

    2. I felt movement way down low. I remember knowing for sure it was baby around 16 weeks and then it just got stronger each week.

    3. I still had bad morning sickness up until about 21 weeks so it wasn't true that it goes away in the 2nd tri- at least for me. It is definitely the time that I had the most energy though so I'd say use that time to do as much prep for the baby as you can.

    You're looking great! I can't wait until you find ot what you're having. So exciting!!! :)

  5. I read that drinking orange juice can make the baby move around more, so I tried that before our gender appointment - and it didn't work. We barely got the view at (literally) the last minute of the ultrasound! Th eultraound tech poked my belly a bit to get him to move, and he moved just enough.
    1. I found a registry list on another blog, and i took it to my mom to see what she thought of it - we adjusted a few things, and I used that list to register! I actually posted it on my blog, so you can do the samething if you want. http://www.throughcloudedglass.com/2010/12/things-you-need-for-baby.html
    2.When I first felt Wyatt moved it was a couple inches below my belly button.
    3. Just enjoy the movement! I kind of miss it now that Wyatt is here - it's just special to feel all those little kicks and stretches from the inside.

  6. I would say register earlier than I did!! I waited too long (imo) and it was harder to do cause I was bigger which thus made it harder to move around in the stores for a long time..registering does take some time especially if you do it at more than one store! I think I registered around weeks 24-26 or so? Baby shower was when I was 32 weeks..a good time for a baby shower I think!
    First baby movements were down really low..and I distinctly remember the first time I actually saw my belly MOVE was right at week 20! Talk about exciting!!
    As far as tips for the 2nd trimester..enjoy it!!! Its the time where you'll feel the best (was in my case!)..get things done around the house you'd like to get done (like cleaning out pantries, fridge, etc)..all things I wished now I had done!!
    And I sympathize w/your hormones going crazy..I had my first big meltdown earlier this week on my poor hubby..thankfully he took it all in stride! I was a mess! :-/

  7. You look so cute! My tip for registering: you don't need half the things you think you need. : ) I learned from experience.

  8. I love this :) I don't have any tips, but I'll learn from yours for my future!

  9. Hmm well I can't answer some of these, but here's what I got...
    Definitely research! Check out Baby Bargains!! Then once you've narrowed it down to specific strollers, high chairs, etc, check out different reviews on Amazon, talk to friends, etc. I used Baby Bargains as my #1 resource and Amazon and friends as #2. And I haven't regretted any of our purchases/registry gifts yet.
    Oh and going off what Melanie said about registering, I think I did this really early... like at 14 weeks maybe... haha. Definitely go soon! Then you have longer to research and add items online as you go. I recommend Amazon as one of your registry places because they have the universal registry button. Therefore you can add a chair from Land of Nod, a rug from Pottery Barn, and a crib from Target without registering at those places individually, if that makes sense. And it's nice for relatives that don't live close because they can order online easily and have it mailed to you. That's just my opinion. But more people definitely went into the store to get our gifts. But we still got about 1/3 of what we registered for on Amazon... decent.
    As for tummy kicks... I felt them on my side, level with my belly button, if that makes sense.

  10. Oh yeah and as for the heartbeat, Lil was around 160 each time too. Unfortunately that is right in the middle, so I couldn't guess what she was based on the heartbeat... even though that's a wives tale anyways.


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