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With our gender ultrasound coming up very soon...May 16th!...we are in full-force speed trying to determine a precious name for this sweet baby.  I'm picky.  Very picky.  And I'm indecisive.  Very indecisive.  So with that being said, it hasn't been easy.  The names I've had in a list since I was probably in high school and have revised since then are almost all out the window.  Either I've had a student or known of a kiddo that really ruins causes me to dislike the name a little (or a lot) or they have been over-used like crazy.

While Justin is pretty laid-back about it all...which he is with about everything I like (and which I adore about him), I have my strong opinions.  Thankfully he has turned me down on some name ideas...because it's shortened my list. 

My thoughts on names...

-something strong
-something that will hold up with time and age
-for a girl...something girly
-for a boy...something masculine (not a unisex name...no offense if you like those)
-something biblical/faith related and/or something family-related
-if I know of someone with that name, I have a hard time going with it (I told you I'm picky)
-Justin and I are the only ones discussing it...and we aren't even sharing our likes and ideas...even our family won't know the name until we know what the gender is and are set on a name.  We don't want to be persuaded in any way whether they would mean to or not.
-even though I'm not putting pressure on us...I would really like to have a name set in stone for either a boy or girl for when we find out what the gender is
-we would really like to stay away from nicknames (although I know it's almost impossible to do that)...and as we're thinking of names, we are thinking of all possible nicknames that could come from the name.  So if we don't like the nickname...it's not an option for a name

You may be rolling your eyes at me at this point. Ha! Or you may be right with my on your own name-choosing "pickyness".

What we do know...

-the entire name (first and middle) if it's a sweet little girl
-the middle name if it's a boy 

Our dilemmas...

-we cannot decide on a boy name.  oh my! it's not we can't agree...we just can't find one we fall in love with
-our boy middle name starts with a vowel...putting it with the beginning of our last name "G" causes a lot of first names to be out of the picture because we aren't giving our precious little boy a horrendous "word" with their initials
-I would like to plug my ears and I may or may not want to pray that I don't hear of a little girl being named what we are going with.  Once May 16th hits, and if it's a girl, I'll be okay...because I'll already feel like that's "her name"...but before then when the name is still just a possibility...I just don't want to know! ;)

Our favorite resources right now are nameberry and The Complete Book of Baby Names.  Have any baby naming resources to share? Please do!

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  1. Cute post Caitlin! I am totally with you on the indecisive pickiness!! Though I thought it was much easier to start eliminating names once I was pregnant. We were the opposite...we were pretty quickly confident about a boy's name, but took awhile to settle on the girl's name. Now it's fun to have peace and envision either! And I totally relate with the nerve racking reality of someone else maybe using the name first - but I've decided each baby wears his or her name in their own way even if someone else has it! :) Can't wait until you find out!!

  2. we talked about names FOREVER. We had a ton of guidelines. (I posted about them here: http://emilyjonathan.blogspot.com/2010/03/my-baby-love.html) Ha! and I didn't even have Georgia on my list because I thought it was "too common" but my husband and I have always LOVED the name.

  3. Oh, how exciting - it took Derek and me a long time to get our names narrowed down for Wyatt, and then we didn't make the final decision until he was born, because we wanted to make sure it fit before we gave it to him permanently. I actually found a link on Nameberry to the social security website, and you can see the top 1000 names for any year from 1860 (?) onward. So I printed out the list for 1900, and the list for 2009, and we went through the entire list crossing off the names we didn't like! Yes, it was a long process. Good luck!

  4. I think I will be just as picky when we have kids! All those variables - like initials and other people naming their babies the names you like - make it tough! But God will make sure he/she is named the perfect name! babynames.com seems to be a good website, you can look up the meanings and search for specific meanings pretty easily. (That's where I go to name my pets anyway, haha :)

  5. I have "100,000 Baby Names" book (bought from walmart) that helped..though we always knew we liked Makayla if we ever had a girl and her middle name came from Giuliana Rancic on E! News..lol! If we had been expecting a boy though..it would have been a whole other ballpark cause we were VERY indecisive if it had been a boy!! Good luck!!

  6. I knew a boy once whose parents named him Noah because they flatly didn't want him to be nickname-able. I think Luke is pretty un-nickname-able too.

    I'm sure you already have opinions (good or bad!) of Noah and Luke, but they came to mind since they both fit your parameters of Biblical and needs-a-good-nickname-if-any-at-all

  7. We had our girl name picked out but couldn't decide on a boy name when we went for our ultrasound. Boy names are SO hard so I was happy that it's a girl and we could stop stressing about boy names.

  8. I'm not even pregnant but I can imagine how stressful it can be picking out baby names! Good luck :) Can't wait to find out what you're having and the name!

  9. Just came across your blog :)
    We had the hardest time with boys names {twins}, fortunately we ended with girls and didn't have to further the road of boy name debates:)
    Cannot wait to hear on the 16th!

  10. I have an ultrasound appointment on the 16th too! And we are in the same boat as you. We had a girl's name set, but a boy's name has been so hard to choose. We made the mistake of telling others what we were thinking and eventually we decided to stop because we needed to make that decision, so good choice in keeping it a secret till your for sure! So happy for you. Can't wait to find out the gender! It will be the coolest, undescribable feeling ever!

  11. Oh, Cait! You will pick the perfect name! And you're not crazy for being picky, friend! :) I would be the same way! I've been thinking about you lots lately! I'm just so happy for you! I know that this is something you've been praying for, and you're just going to be such a great mommy!


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