our road to you (the ending)

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On the way to the drug store to pick up prenatal vitamins (um, yes, this wasn’t planned…so I was only taking Flintstones occasionally), I called to make our first appointment with the doctor…March 25th.  My next step was deciding how to tell Justin.  I only sent him a text to let him know about my bladder infection because we had already discussed that I may test the next weekend if I hadn’t gotten my period.  I didn’t want to have to lie to him…I wanted to tell him in person.  So he called me a few minutes later.  Thank goodness he didn’t ask me about if they checked to see if I was pregnant, because I wouldn’t have been able to hold it in and would have had to tell him on the phone.  (Later, he told me he didn't ask on the phone on purpose....he didn't want to find out that way if I was pregnant.)

So I decided to go to a local store to pick up a cute pair of baby socks at a store near our house to put with a card for the in-the-dark daddy-to-be.  Well this plan was thrown for a loop.  I pulled into the parking lot and what else do I see but his work truck? So I quickly left and came home.  I got a call a little later from Justin letting me know he was stopping by the house quickly to get a tool they needed on the job.  (This was after I had already tested again at home…you know…just in case the whole doctor’s office test was wrong.  Two pink lines.  Again.  Yep.  Pregnant.) I prayed he wouldn’t ask.  He didn’t.  He grabbed the tool, came back into the living room, and then it came…. “So you’re not preggers, huh?” (so nonchalant!) ;) I looked at him slowly and he knew.  

I let him know that I was, for some crazy reason that only God knows, that I was.  I got the smile I hoped for.  The smile that reassured me that no matter how scared and alone I felt moments ago, that I wasn’t alone in this and that everything was going to be okay.  He was in total shock but hugged me so excited.  I went over all the details as the shocked grin remained on his face.  “So when am I going to be a dad?” I let him know that it would be sometime in October or November and that the blood work would confirm how far along I was.  I cried in relief that he was happy.  I wasn’t sure how he would take it.   

As he left, we talked about how we’d been praying God would open doors…and for some reason…this is the door he opened.  The door to being mommy and daddy.  So now I know exactly why God placed Jeremiah 29:11 on my heart for us to memorize as a couple a few weeks before…because He would use it so many times over the course of the next few months as we prepared our minds and hearts for a precious blessing…a baby.

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  1. yay!!! I"m so glad God changed his heart and opened this door for you guys! : )

  2. This is so sweet, Cait! :) You're very blessed, friend!

  3. That God is sure clever! I loved this story.

  4. AWWWW..I've loved reading your story!! So happy for you guys..you'll make great parents!

  5. so happy to read the whole story- you've kept me in suspense- and what a sweet story it is

  6. what a sweet sweet God story your baby already has! i love yalls journey and the testimony is has. and what a crazy way to find out you were pregnant! cant wait to "meet" the little one!


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