pregnancy update: weeks 8 and 9

{8 Weeks}

How far along:  8 weeks! 

Babe size: Raspberry

Total weight gain/loss: Still down from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Sleep: Pretty good! Just need a pillow between my legs.  Side sleeping has always been my friend!

Movement: Not yet.

Food cravings/aversions:  Still food aversions, although they aren't as intense as they were.

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Nausea, food aversions, frequent trips to the bathroom, break-outs, exhaustion, throwing up at more random times...still not a big deal and only in the evening.

What I miss:  Not feeling so bloated and having energy. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Going to FL for Spring Break! 

Milestones:  Nothing really this week...feeling a little better maybe? 

Best moment this week:  Hmmm...looking forward to going to the beach? (We got to FL on Saturday, when I normally take my pics, so you'll notice we are on the beach for week 11 pic!) It was a pretty uneventful week pregnancy-wise. 

Moments with Justin: No certain moments...but I do have to brag on how wonderful he has been amidst my crazy food aversions and exhaustion.  He has been so kind, patient, and supportive!

{9 Weeks}

pardon the pajamas
 How far along:  9 weeks! 

Babe size: Green olive

Total weight gain/loss: Up a few ounces...although I feel like I should be up 5 by now for sure they way I feel. :)

Sleep: Still pretty good...definitely in need of the pillow now when on my side.  And sometimes it feels good to sleep on by back...so I'm using a pillow to prop my legs up a bit.  I'm enjoying the back sleep for the next week or two before I know it's no a longer a good idea according to what I've read. 

Movement: I know it's not baby...but I felt small flutters randomly down low...you experienced gals out there, any ideas on what that is? 

Food cravings/aversions:  Still food aversions, but getting even better! I really think I forgot what it's like to eat like a "normal" person.  Being a picky eater isn't for me.  This week I finally had what I thought were cravings...Sonic chocolate milk shake, nectarines, and peaches.  We were in FL and drove all over the place looking for a Sonic.  The Garmin failed us and I had to settle for a McDonald's shake which was not the same.  Justin had a lot of fun making fun of me and how picky I was about what type of shake I "needed".  The other cravings...for the fruit...didn't get satisfied either.  On the way to the beach one day, Justin went into a Publix where they told him that both were out of season and they didn't have them.  So he came back to the car and let me know that my "taste-buds were out of season".  I told him it was probably a good thing the little Publix guy shared that news with him and not the pregnant girl with the cravings...I probably wouldn't have been nice. 

Pregnancy Symptoms:  Nausea when I get hungry (I try not to let myself get to that point but it's so hard when most food tastes so gross), food aversions, frequent trips to the bathroom, break-outs, and I feel like I'm getting a bit of a bump...especially after eating.  Also, I'm a slow, slow eater now and can't eat much at one time. 

What I miss:  Looking less bloated in a bathing suit.  I've never felt wonderful in a bathing suit...but when you're in that awkward stage between just looking like you ate too much and starting to get a bump...it's just not pretty.  I also had to purchase a new bathing suit, because as I explained to Justin, I just didn't want to look "Playboy-ish" up top like I do now in my old bathing suits.

What I'm looking forward to:  Our next appointment and then the one following that we will hopefully find out the gender.  I can't wait for that so we can settle on a name and start planning the nursery. 

Milestones: I started to "feel pregnant" this week.  I can't really explain it, but it's like my body doesn't seem so much in shock now and as if it's getting used to this huge change. 

Best moment this week: Being at the beach for the week! I explained to Justin that I felt like I was coming out of the fog I had been in for the last few weeks due to nausea and exhaustion.  The ocean and warm weather are so good for the body and soul.  I'm beyond grateful we were able to make the trip! What a wonderful time as "just us". 

Moments with Justin: It was so nice to just be with my hubby this week.  No distractions, no stress...just us.  I laughed more this past week than I have in a long time...he is so silly and cracks me up.  It was also fun to start discussing names a little more seriously and promise each other to keep our name choice secret until we are set on it and of course know the gender...we finally have some top qualifiers!

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  1. I see a bump! Definite difference from the baseline! Say hello to him/her for me!

  2. the fluttering feeling could be the baby moving OR it could be gas...just to be honest. TMI hahaha!

  3. You look great..must be so nice to be at the beach!!! Lucky girl! Could possibly be feeling the baby moving..it does feel like 'flutters' and starts off down real low!! I didnt really know I was feeling mine move until I was pretty far along though..like weeks 16-18! Its hard to distinguish it from gas..lol!!

  4. Love the updates and your tan. You look relaxed and rested:)

  5. You are so cute! Don't worry about the PJs. In 95% of my photos I'm in PJs too. Be comfy while you can :)

  6. i'm loving your updates! loved your food stories of week 12!

  7. i tottttally feel ALL of your symptoms... the being a picky eater really stinks-- i'm used to liking everything and i'm sure when the aversions are gone i will gain 100 lbs lol well i hope not but yah know. ha!
    so jealous of your trip! glad you had a great time!
    oh and yes, i feel "fatter" not pregnant so I hear yah there too! so much in common :)


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