10 weeks

How far along: 10 weeks

Babe size: Prune

Total weight gain/loss: Back to my pre-pregnancy weight...although it still fluctuates.

Sleep: Sleep is still going pretty well.  I am able to stay up a little later now due to less exhaustion.  It's still tough to get up...but I think that's more because I dread dealing with feeling gross in the morning.  I did have one night of sleeplessness where I only got about 3 hours of sleep.  Thankfully, that hasn't happened again.  I think it was also because I was stressing about a project I had to finish for one of my grad classes...not because of pregnancy.

Movement: I have felt a couple flutters down low...and I have to laugh...because a couple sweet readers mentioned gas as a possible reason.  I hadn't thought of that! Definitely could be at times (sorry, TMI).  But I honestly feel like it's been a tiny flutter here and there due to baby.  Who knows... I did read that people with smaller frames often feel the baby a lot earlier.  So maybe I am feeling something.

Food cravings/aversions: Still food aversions.  Thankfully more things are sounding better to me! I did have a crazy craving for a coke this morning (caffeine free, of course).  I took a few drinks and that was all I needed.  Sweet still tastes better than salty for the most part due to the metal-mouth taste salty foods give me.  It's funny to me, because I'm usually a salty gal.  Baby must have a sweet tooth!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Less nausea...whoo hoo! I eat probably on the hour because as soon as I let my stomach start to get a little empty, nausea kicks in.  It's so weird to eat and in no time be so hungry again.  Of course bathroom trips have picked up even more...I think I'm getting my daily exercise just walking down the hall to the bathroom from my classroom.  I have "baby bloat" as I'm calling it instead of a bump.  I can tell a big difference in my belly even though it's hardly noticeable from the outside.  I can also tell that the "belly pooch" is starting to get a little higher.  One thing I'm very thankful for is that mood swings have not kicked in at all.  I really think I'm a much "nicer" and calm person during pregnancy.  I guess I should let Justin be the judge on that one... ;)

What I miss: Having the energy to clean and organize my house...it's a mess and that drives me crazy!

What I'm looking forward to: Our appointment on Monday and hearing the heartbeat again! I'm hoping to see the sweet little one...but I think my doctor does the first ultrasound with the gender appointment.  We'll see. I'm also looking forward to summer!! 7 more weeks!

Milestones: The pregnancy becoming more like a normal thing to both Justin and myself.  I guess we've had enough time to get used to everything now.  Sweet baby has fingerprints, most of it's critical developments have occurred, and miscarriage rates have dropped considerably at this point! :) And I can't forget to add...I'm at the end of the first trimester! yay!

Best moment this week:  Teaching is getting less hectic at this point since we are close to testing and the end of school and  I have more free afternoons which has been wonderful considering how tired I am and still feeling gross on some days.  God is also giving me a lot of peace over many worries on my mind...there are just so many new things that come with thinking about having a little one.  It's those things that I feel like are out of my control that worry me the most...I'm just so thankful that God hears my prayers, knows my anxious thoughts, and promises to take care of every need.

Moments with Justin: A few times this week, Justin has looked at me and said, "I keep glancing at you and getting this glimpse of you with a big belly."  Haha.  I definitely don't have a big belly at all right now...maybe it's God's way of preparing his mind for when his wife does have a "big belly".  And again, I swear, he's nesting.  I'm not.  My mind is...but I can't get my body to do anything.  However, he's worked so hard on our yard and front plant beds this past week.  I need some of that nesting to rub off on me! :)

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  1. Nesting doesn't kick in until the end of the 3rd trimester! You'll be waiting a LONG time! looking good!!

  2. I started "nesting" as soon as I found out I was pregnant...but I'm a bit OCD about these things. Also, I started feeling movement at 15 weeks (I have a smaller frame) so who knows! Maybe your flutters are the baby.

  3. congratulations! thanks for the reminder that god hears all of our anxious thoughts and prayers!
    also, i so feel you on the food aversions and eating constantly. haha I am 15 weeks and i feel this way too!

  4. I'm loving your tummy!! So cute!! I can't wait for you to have that baby! :)

  5. Oh and yes, the gas is it I think. I think I had that too! :) But I did start feeling movement at 17 weeks, which is on the early side I think, so maybe you will too!!
    I loved sweets also!
    And like you, I didn't really have mood swings... well I think I got a little hormonal 3rd trimester, but not terribly (comparatively anyway). And my hubby was a trooper about it - never mentioning it. Haha. Keep getting excited by baby stuff and don't let yourself stress. And don't let yourself get too tired. That will help! :)

  6. You look great! I always craved salty thimgs with Wyatt. The old wives tale is that you crave salt with boys and sweet things with girls . . . I just feel like you're going to have a girl! We'll see, I guess!

  7. My husband went through the same "nesting" phase and went crazy on the yard as well! His nesting will come in handy when you start needing baby things to be put together, but you're too big to do it yourself! Will put together pretty much everything AND hung up everything on the wall. He loved it though, I think it was his way of feeling like he was contributing and it was very helpful! I'm sure your hubby will be the same way!


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