2013 Goals (First Half)

I've decided to set goals by month for 2013.  I'm pulling from areas where I really want us to work on as a family and I want to work on personally.

January-Read (at least) a verse a day

I've been slacking big time on my quiet time.  And God comes first.  Period.  Before everything needs to get in order, my personal time with God needs to get in order.  It helps me be a more patient, grace-filled person.  It makes me a better wife. A better mommy.  And just a more fulfilled person.

February-No eating out month

This is the are of our budget we struggle the most.  This won't count our once a week eating with my family since that's a tradition we tend to do with them weekly.  Hoping this will really help us save some money and be healthier as a family!

March-Blog every day month

I started this blog back in August of 2009 as a creative outlet for me. I have always had a passion for writing, so this blog has been that outlet for me and to hold myself accountable to actually write.  Since Adeline, it has become more of a way to document our family life.  It was such a blessing to have her monthly posts to print out and have at her first birthday.  So my goal is to get back into blogging more frequently for all those reason.

April- Track all our spending month

This is to help us with our budget and help us to get back on track with our Dave Ramsey money management. 

May- No computer/iPad/smart phones after 9:30 month

This one's for our marriage.  So we will actually spend the evenings after bedtime, when we are just hanging out on the couch, to communicate and connect! 

June- Pray together as a family every day month

I am such a believer in the power of prayer.  I think it's so valuable for families and couples to pray together.  I always pray with Adeline at bedtime, but we need to better about praying together as a family and a couple.

My hope is that these goals will start to filter into the rest of 2013 as we accomplish them monthly. Nothing too lofty. Totally doable. And very valuable to our family.

our 2012  New Years baby...
just close to 2 months...
oh the difference a year makes!

Happy New Year from our family to yours!!

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  1. i love your plan for the new year! I've taken a similar approach & picked one goal for different areas of my life. {thankfully Matt is taking on some of the same goals which will help with the accountability!} I'm right there with ya on the bible reading. Have you used the YouVersion bible app? It notifies you each day to keep up with your plan. We chose the chrono-condensed bible in a year plan & I think it will fare well for us...10 minutes a day with only 6 readings a week (helpful in case you get behind!). anyways, Happy New Year & blessings for your goals (they all sound great!!)

  2. I really love how you've broken this up!! Might have to do something similar :)

  3. I like your monthly goals. Its easy to focus on one a month. I hate reassessing our budget...it's so hard during the holidays to stay "good". blah!

  4. I like the idea of monthly goals!! Good luck :)

  5. I love these monthly goals! And they are so wonderful and doable. Small changes that will no doubt make a huge difference. I'm inspired!

  6. Its easy to focus on one a month. I hate reassessing our budget...it's so hard during the holidays to stay "good".
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