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You know it's something big when I post twice in one day. Who I am kidding...these days twice in one week! ;)

Tonight, after bath, when Adeline was running around nay-nay as she so loves to do, we had something exciting happen!

She was looking at her books and then looked at me really concerned all of the sudden.

I said, "Adeline, what's wrong baby?"

She said, "Poo poo."

Well I knew the drill! We've had her potty for quite a while, just for fun.  She LOVES to talk about pee pee and poo poo, sit on the pot and sing our little made up song and dance. We gave her the words "poo poo" very early on so she had a phrase to go with it and we've tried to use that phrase as much as possible when we catch her doing her smelly business. ;) She lays down and says "poo poo" like she's ready for a change just to pretend. She pretends to clean her baby's poo poo.  But she has yet to pee or poo on the potty.

But tonight I ran her to her potty when she said those two words...

And within seconds, she pooed on the potty with not an ounce of an understanding as to why I was dancing and clapping and acting a fool.

So we ran outside to get Daddy to bring him in to show him the business...then we called both sets of grandparents!

It's amazing what gets you excited when you're a parent.  It may be when your kiddo takes a good nap or when your kiddo eats all his or her peas. But tonight, it was poo poo that got us giddy!

So this now means we are into full-on potty-training mode. Hahahaha....


We'll continue as nonchalantly with this for now as it all started!

But we are still so, so proud of our sweet, baby (18 1/2 month old) girl!

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  1. We did the same thing here the first time she went poo on the potty! Hoping we can get back into the swing of things in that area..we kinda fell off the bandwagon a few weeks back!


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