things that make you a good mom

...loving your children
...being the best example you can be for your children
...providing all the basic needs for your children
...raising them in a loving home
...giving lots of kisses and hugs
...doing the best with what you have
...loving your children
...molding them and shaping them
...following your convictions
...and your mommy instincts

and did I mention?

...loving your children

In the midst of so many things in our world that SCREAM at us how to be a "good" mom, I get tired of it.  I get tired of the put-downs and comparisons.  I get tired of the "I'm better than yous" and the "That's wrong, I'm right."  I get tired of the "I'm that kind of mom" just to look good on paper. or on facebook. or on the blog.  Whatever it is.  Whether you say it, imply it, write it.  It's all silly.  At the end of the day all that matters is if we're doing the best we personally know how to do as a mom. And that we stay mold-able.  Stay shapeable.  And that we're learning daily by grace.

Because I want my baby to know love.  And I want her to know grace.  Those two things are enough for her to conquer this world.

We all have a story.  Let's take time to read and hear each others.

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  1. YES! This. I was feeling this so much yesterday.

  2. And this is just one of the many reasons I love you. You ENCOURAGE me in my mom-ing. You don't put me down, even when we do things differently! Everything you said here is true and good. Why can't we all just accept that each family does what is right for THEM. We all want the best for our kids and we should all support other parents-we all have the same ultimate goal, right?! Love this friend! Thanks for a great, insightful post!

  3. Awe Cait! You are amazing my friend!! 😁

  4. I do believe this 100% I also feel that you should be able to write whatever you want on your own blog (or wherever it may be) without the negativity from others. You should be able to write freely about your choices with out feeling attacked by others. It's hard for me because since I am pro cry it out and think formula is perfectly fine, among other things, (which both of those choices are not blog mom norms) I feel I can't write about those things because other moms are more sensitve to those issues and won't understand where I'm coming from. We all make the best choices for US for reasons that WE stand behind but hardly anyone else is going to agree with you 100%


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