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I'm hosting with Natalie, Beth Ann, and Jordan to share the blessings
God has placed in our paths during the week.

ONE.  This past Saturday, I completed my current Grad School class, which means I have 30 hours toward my 36 hour grad program to become a Reading Specialist.  I was about halfway through when I found out I was pregnant with Adeline, so it is so nice to be so close! I will take a class this Spring and a class this summer and be FINISHED!!!! My state requires teachers to get their Masters by their 10th year to keep their teaching certificate, so to have this behind me will be a huge accomplishment.

TWO.  I have mentioned many times over that we are big Dave Ramsey fans and have seen Financial Peace work in our married lives tremendously and bless our family.  So with that, we have paid cash for all of my Grad classes and I feel SO blessed to be debt-free with my masters, and know that we are almost completely finished saving for my classes.  Lately, I have sold on IG, sold on eBay, sold on our local Facebook selling page, and crafted to make money to fund my classes.  It hasn't been easy but it has been so fulfilling.
Three. We have started the Radical (by David Platt) small group study in our Sunday School and it has rocked my world.  It is so challenging (in a good way) and is causing me to constantly lift my prayers to God to renew and mold my heart for His glory and His purpose.

Four.  I am a part of the Body Back challenge with quite a few blogger mommas and our close friends.  We are in week 3 and it feels SO GOOD to have a fitness goal to be healthier and more toned.  The 12 week program ends near our winter beach trip, so that is motivation at its finest.  I'm so thankful for my personal trainer, Jillian! ;) 30 Day Shred anyone?!
Five.  Friends.  I feel so blessed to have such wonderful mommy friends that have such sweet babies (ahem, Toddlers) for Adeline to be friends with.  Whether it's Toddler Time at the library, texts about how sore we are from workouts, or laid-back play dates at our homes, I am so blessed by the sweet friends in my life, which also means the sweet girls Adeline has as her friends growing up!

We would love to have you join us! All GOOD things come from above...how has God blessed you recently? Make sure to grab the box and link-up with us today!

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  1. We paid for Jonathan's masters in cash as well! It was hard but so worth it!

  2. What lovely blessings! I paid for my masters in cash too, but out of the paycheck it gave me.... not really the same thing but still something I'm proud of!

  3. Wow cait! That is so awesome you guys were able to pay cash for your classes! What a huge blessing. I hate having hubs' student loans hanging over our heads for years to come. You guys are so wise with your money-I really admire that about you both!! I love all of these blessings!

  4. Such a neat idea and how awesome to pay cash for your masters!

  5. That is so awesome that you have been able to pay for your classes with cash!! I've thought about going back for my masters, but just not totally set on what yet. lol


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