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Well, after a lot of prayer and reflection, I have decided to sell Avon! No, I am not a saleswoman--not God's gift in me. I am selling Avon to help with saving up for my Masters! As a teacher, the Masters route isn't an option. Well, the teacher income just doesn't quite cut it! ;) After being raised by two amazing parents that have their own businesses, this Avon idea is momentarily satisfying my entrepreneur gene God gave me. Eventually, God-willing, I will own my own business of some sort! You have to start somewhere, right? We'll see where God takes me!

Although I am not one to wear a lot of makeup, I am one to love a deal. To me, true beauty shines from the inside. I do think Avon provides fresh feeling makeup that allows your natural beauty to shine through. Avon has amazing deals on great products! Try it out on my website! You can order straight from the website, or get in contact with me if you would like catalogues to order from instead!

My personal Avon website is:


Check it out! :)

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