Not a dog person...

YEAH RIGHT! I always said this about myself. Even after loving my childhood pet...a yellow lab, Nick so much. I always said I was a "cat person". I have learned so much about myself after adopting this cuddly, loving, loyal animal that is now more like another human in the house. Justin and I said over and over again that we would not get a dog until the summer after my first year of teaching. We "had to have time to work with him and train him". Well...after a crazy week of being cooped up in a powerless house full of people during the ice storm we don't like to think about...we thawed out, spring started to show signs of blooming, and we started finding ourselves in PetSmart, "just looking". Haha...never say that! We saw Boone and it was love at first sight when he climbed into Justin's lap as soon as they took him out of his crate. My favorite dog growing up...a lab. Justin's favorite dog growing up...a beagle. This little beagle/lab mix was perfect for us and he put on the charm from the get-go. What a joy to have such a loyal, fun-loving puppy in the house. It has made our wonderful house even more of a home. I'm sure this is only the beginning of blogs about life-lessons we learn from Boone and the love we have for our "child". So yes....a dog changed my heart....and now, I am a dog person. :)

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