joys of Sunday

Sunday is such a joyful day! I love getting to sleep in with Justin, waking up to Boone's sweet whine for attention and spending some quiet moments in my living room as the morning sun shines through our big living room window before going to church. Today was definitely no exception, especially with the gorgeous weather. Our previous pastor, Dr. Terry Farris, spoke this morning and gave a really encouraging message. He reminded us that as christians we must have the heart of a child, the mind of a scholar, and the skin of a rhinocerous. What a neat thought! He reminded us of the importance of laughter and that even in the midst of trials, if we can look back and laugh at the situation, we have victory over it. I love the thought of how important laughter is to God. He created us full of emotions, and we should praise Him through all circumstances in life and amidst every emotion we deal with. I am one that laughs so easily and at almost everything...I can't help it...God created me that way! :)

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