"Cure for the Common Life"

I have started reading an amazing book by Max Lucado, "Cure for the Common Life". After a year of insane stress and anxiety from my first year of teaching I found myself wondering if I actually was in the midst of God's will for my life. I just couldn't figure out how He could call me to do something that drained me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. After so many mornings driving to school last year completely handing it over to God and being positive that there were days where He just completely took over because I couldn't find the strength myself, I decided to take a lot of time this summer to reflect. (As we always hear...God is strongest in our weakest times.) Although there are not enough words to describe the awesomeness and faithfulness of our amazing Creator, over all of that time of reflection and prayer, I have a sense of peace.....something I have been longing for. I read a book this summer that really brought me back to reality on the importance of using the exact moment and place you are in as a learning opportunity for all God has in store for you in the future. I am so thankful to God for this peace He has given me and this new understanding of where He has me right now. I can say that my mornings are now times where I am thanking Him for the gift He has given me of this wonderful life I have. Althought teaching is stressful, my second year has already shown me His faithfulness. Even if it is not where God plans to keep me for my entire career(then again.....maybe so...who knows!) I know that I am exactly where He wants me in this moment and He is preparing me for my future. Whew...so that all leads me back to the Max Lucado book I am now reading. Lucado mentions that we all have a "Sweet Spot"....that exact place where God intends for you to be and live your life full of passion to glorify and praise His name. Although I feel I may still be in search of my life's Sweet Spot...I know I'm on the way! Lucado states that we should "use our uniqueness to make a big deal out of God every day of our life". Wow! How amazingly simple that seems, yet a truth we so often pass up. Life is not about stress...life is not about being anxious....life is not about dreading certain things. Life is about finding just what God has packed us to be...He has made us like noone else....and He LONGS for us to be in that sweet spot where we are passionate about our lifelong journey of praising Him. So neat!! God often whispers....and just as I often tell my kiddos to do when I am getting their attention in class...I am opening my ears in order to hear those directions. :)

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