four years!

Today is hubby and mine's 4th Wedding Anniversary! I am beyond blessed to be married to my best friend....the man that chased after me like crazy when we were in college...and continues to chase after me.

We've been through some amazing times within our four years of marriage.  Here are a few highlights!

Year 1- Getting married!, honeymoon, bought a house, my first teaching job, adopted Boone (our Beagle/Lab mix)

Year 2-trip to Texas, trip to DC, Mississippi mission trip with church

Year 3-Trip to Disney World, Justin graduated with his bachelors, found out we were expecting Adeline, a couple beach trips, Alabama mission trip with church

Year 4-sold our cars and bought new ones, Adeline was born in November! (TONS of firsts), turning into "Mommy and Daddy", my transition from full-time teacher to part-time art teacher/part-time stay at home Mommy, family trip (just us 3) to the Smoky Mountains, family beach trips

I'm sure I'm leaving some things out.  And these are the big things in our life.  The in-betweens and all the small moments are where I find myself feeling the most blessed to be married to such a wonderful man.

Nights sitting on the couch together.

Laughing, being goofy, and making fun of each other.

Hitting a drive-through and eating dinner in the car, sitting by the lake.


Watching his reaction when he walks through the door and sees Adeline after a long day of work.  Seeing her huge smile directed right back at him as she reaches for him.

Long talks about goals and dreams for our family.

Paper, rock, scissors over small household chores.

I could go on and on.

I love you babe.  Happy Anniversary! Here's to many, many, many more!


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  1. Happy Anniversary!! It's so fun to look back at all that's happened!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! I loved all the pictures and I never saw how you told your parents! Such a god idea!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! :) Such a sweet post!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Looks like it's been an amazing four years :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! Hope you two have a wonderful day of celebration and a lifetime of great Anniversaries!

  6. Happy anniversary! Love your blog! Your daughter is adorable!

  7. Happy Anniversary! I loved reading about the changes y'all have gone through over the last four years!

  8. You have one cute family!! I hope the next 4 years is just as wonderful and memorable as the last 4 have been.

  9. what a fun, fun recap!! love this :) happy 4 years ya'll!

  10. Love the recap! what an awesome 4 years for you guys


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