girls' day!!

Although I've been off all summer due to my job as a teacher, on most days Adeline and I are with other people.  Whether I'm at my parents' working or we are out doing and going along with other people too, we are almost always with others except for the time we are at home.  Now don't get me wrong...every single minute I'm with my little girl is an absolute blessing.  Nothing short of it.  However, I wanted to take some time yesterday to have a day planned around just us two and just be together.  It was nothing spectacular or completely out of the ordinary with our plans, but it was a day centered around just us.  It was wonderful.

We took our time in the morning and hung out in bed for a while being lazy.

We started the day at our local library for Toddler Time at the library.  We hadn't gotten the memo that they stopped Toddler Time until fall, but we did stay and play with Adeline's grandma "Gee" and her cousins, Hadley and Gentry.  We had so much fun playing with the books, reading the books, and playing with the toys they have for little ones! Adeline also went crazy over all the book character stuffed animals they have on display.  We hadn't really explored what all they had for little ones...but now that we have and she went crazy over it...we will definitely be enjoying the library even on days when there is no Toddler Time.  We also made sure to check out some board books before leaving to enjoy for the next week or so.

Our next stop was lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  We got a surprise call from Justin saying that he could meet us for lunch if we didn't mind him crashing our girls' day.  What a fun surprise!

It was time for some shopping after that! We headed to Target for some items we needed and to shop for a local student that we adopted to purchase a backpack for.

I forgot to get a pic while we were in Target, but Adeline was pretty happy about our backpack and lunchbox selection. :) She spent the entire time we were in Target, talking and yelling.  Her paci didn't contain the noise.  She thinks everyone shows up places just for her.  Crazy girl!

Our next stop was Homegoods because what's a girls' day without some time to browse through Homegoods?

Again, forgot a pic, but here she is checking out our purchases once we got home! :)

Our final stop was by our local Goodwill.  It was nearing nap time and Adeline fell asleep on our way home, so I just propped her in her seat into a cart and cruised the aisles while she slept soundly.  I was so excited
about our find! A Fisher Price play table for $2.89!! It was only missing one small piece and works perfectly.

Can you tell she was sleepy? ;)

After a nice wash and sanizitizing, it was as good as new and she went to town with her new toy! Goodwill jackpot!

We finished our girls' day by having a quiet night at home as a family grilling homemade pizzas and watching the Opening Ceremonies to the Olympics.

Perfect day!

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  1. So fun! The pizza looks yummy. I need to try that!

  2. She is a doll! Sounds like a perfect day. I've been dying to get to Homegoods...hoping to make it there this week!

  3. what a fun day :) i love grilled pizza!


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