Handprint Heart Art (and other handprint art)

I'm a memory hoarder. I've stated it before. I think.  If not, I'm stating it now.  I hoard every milestone, memory, moment.  It's one of my best and worst qualities.  But I like to think that one day, my babies and grandbabies will appreciate this as much I appreciate the memories my mom made sure to keep tangible for me.  So handprint art is just another way I'm tapping into this mommy talent.

Each holiday/season here recently, I have made a point to do handprint art with sweet Adeline.  We started at Halloween (she was almost 1) and have continued the tradition.  We even have designated wall space to display her sweet art in our living room.

Some have been Pinterest inspired, others have been just on a creative whim.  I have used paint, simple paper art, and even just markers.  No matter what media I've chosen...the outcome has always made me so happy and I'm thankful to have her sweet little handprints captured at various stages!

I may keep this up until she's married...just in time to start with grandchildren. Kidding.  Sort of.


Valentine's Day!

we just used her Color Wonder Crayola markers and paper for this one



tempera/acrylic paint on canvas


family handprints using scrapbook paper glued onto mini pumpkins


tempera and acrylic on canvas

Crayola Clay Air Dry Ornaments (we had to include Boone's paw print ;)

They're all my favorite.

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  1. Oh yeah, I'm a memory hoarder too. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with keeping up but overall I really enjoy it!

  2. Love!! They all turned out super cute :) I especially love the xmas ones!!


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