must-haves when venturing into toddlerhood

Adeline is just about to turn...gulp...15 months.  I still refer to her as my baby...but I know that in all reality she is my "toddler" now.  Baby just sounds better.... ;)

Lately I've found some things that are some must-have when venturing into the land of toddlerhood!

One- Silicone skid-proof reusable placemat

This has been so amazing for all of our eating out trips! It grips and has suction cups to cup to the table and the catcher actually catches food! Adeline even snacks out of the area that catches the food! ;) It is reusable (about $10) and is dishwasher safe! I simply wipe it clean with a wipey after a meal and roll it up and throw it back into the diaper bag.  It's amazing! They come in many colors-both for girls and boys.  I found ours at Babies-R-Us.

Two- Silicone bib

Same idea as the placemat...dishwasher safe and reusable! We love to just throw this in the dishwasher after a meal with all the other dishes! We found Adeline's at JC Penney's.

Three-Night lights

We have never depended too much on night lights with Adeline, but we are really liking them at this stage! We love her owl night light from Target that is a silicone outside and has an easy on/off button that she can easily control.  Plus, just the fact that you can turn it off and on so easily is nice! We also like her twinkly ladybug night light that projects colors and stars around her room- the perfect calming technique for when we walk out of her room each night.  She loves it and it goes off on its own after a little while.

Four-Doll (or other make-believe/pretend toy)

We got Adeline her first Cabbage Patch Doll named "Madeline" for her birthday and she loves it.  Any doll has been so fun for her...she loves them all and it is so sweet to see her so nurturing already!

Five- Nice, supportive shoes

When Adeline was still crawling and just pulling up it was still warm outside and we hardly ever put shoes on the girl! But now that she's walking, nice shoes that stay on her feet are a must! We love the squeaky shoes I ordered from ebay and the fun boots I have found at Target, but her grandma ("Gee") insisted on buying her a pair of Stride Rite shoes and those have been fabulous! We are so thankful for them.  They have a stretch hook and loop type closure that velcrows and the rubber soles have been perfect.  They have given her just the support she needs, she walks great in them, they fit her feet perfectly, and they are so easy to get on! The best part of Stride Rite, is they measure their feet before trying on and once in the shoes to make sure the child will be able to ideally wear them for 3 months! (Hint: Stride Rite outlets! ;)

Six-Crayola color wonder markers and paper

Adeline has loved to color for months and months now! She is crazy impressive with her fine motor skills and being able to hold marker and pencils and utensils.  The toddler grip art supplies just aren't her cup of tea and are too large.  However, I don't really want marker all over my walls and our furniture. ;) The color wonder markers are clear and only color on the "magic" color wonder paper! This has been fabulous!

I could keep going with my list...

-water cups
-snack bins
-toys, toys, and more toys
-drawers to get into
-dogs to love on
-Momma's french fries
-Daddy's dill pickles
-books, books, and more books
-laundry baskets for pretend car playing
-toothbrush and endless amounts of water to place it under


...but those are my top 6 as of right now as Adeline approaches 15 months!

What are your toddlerhood must-haves?

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  1. Love this list... My baby (almost 2 year old), we always have boogie wipes, snacks, book, sunglasses, and tide to go pen!


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