great lengths

This picture is what caused me to go to great lengths.

My sweet, handsome hubby's hair.  The length and the shaginess.  Well shaginess for him at least.  His lovely, fine hair only grows one way...straight out.  It doesn't lye down.  It only wants to stand straight up.  And it demands to grow fast. 

So in all my thriftiness glory, I decided to take it upon myself to go to great lengths to cut this man's hair.  $12 a pop just doesn't "cut it" for this Dave Ramsey family, especially with how often he needs his hair cut.  So for $23 we purchased a clipper set so that I can start cutting his hair at home.  (That's less than two hair cuts!)

And after reading the directions very carefully so we didn't reenact the hair cutting experience from our pre-wedding days where I cut his hair way too short, I successfully cut Justin's hair.  No bleeding and no gaping holes in the cut.  Plus, he was even happy with it.  And he's not always so easy to please. :)

How about you ladies? Do the men in your life trust you with clippers? Have any funny DIY hair-cutting stories? Let us hear 'em!

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  1. John cuts his own hair, I help him trim up the back. On Good Friday, before church...John decided to cut his really really long hair with the clippers. He finished just half of 1 side of his head and the clippers died because it was too much hair. So he missed church because he couldn't go looking like that. We got new clippers after and he finished it up.

  2. yep i cut tony's hair : ) it saves SO much money because i cut it every 4-6 weeks! you will love doing this : ) Once you get used to it you'll be done in less than 5 minutes!

  3. It looks good! I'm impressed:) I used to do Anthony's but it always made me nervous, so he does his own now:)

  4. You did a great job! And yes..I've cut Damons hair for so many years now its like second nature! And it saves SO MUCH money..thats the best part!!!

  5. I cut my mom and dad's hair for them. I love when my dad's hair gets really long and I can cut a semi mullet into it before trimming up the back. It looks so hilarious and always makes our family laugh.

  6. Ive messed up brendon's hair a few times!! I'm impressed with your skills!


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