40 weeks!--Happy due date to me!

(Pic to come.)

How far along? 40 weeks!

Baby size: Watermelon-size still.  On average, about 20 inches long and between 7 and 9 pounds.  (This is just based on averages...we don't know her size.)

Total weight gain: 24 pounds at my doctor appointment on Friday.

Sleep: Good and bad.  I am up at 6 am writing this post on a Saturday morning because indigestion woke me up (and this is after I unloaded the dishwasher and picked up the living room).  I also think nerves and being anxious are also keeping me awake now.

Movement: Still quite a bit of movement.  Her twists and rolls still crack me up at times.  It's hard to believe I have a full-grown infant moving around inside of me.

Food cravings/aversions: Still craving the junk food.  I drank a coke and ate Ritz crackers this morning around 5 am.  Isn't that lovely? I'm also enjoying Burger King.  Weird.  (On Halloween night, I didn't feel well at all.  I was in pain all over and simply starving.  Justin went ahead and went to my sis-in-law's for their annual Halloween get-together.  I stayed home and got Burger King for dinner.  Whopper value meal with cheese...up-sized to a large.  Never in my life have I done that.)

Pregnancy Symptoms: Nothing new really.  Cramping has intensified at times.  Indigestion has returned.  The pressure and pelvic pain has become way more intense at times.  All normal symptoms, though.

What I miss: At this point, I'm content and just taking in the last days of being pregnant because I know the end is in sight! :) --ditto from last week

What I'm looking forward to: Again, meeting her! --ditto from last week

Milestones: Happy due date to me!! (November 5, 2011)  However, I will say, hitting this milestone without sight of baby is difficult...especially for someone like me that's impatient.  I also decided to start my maternity leave last Thursday.  I started having really difficult days at school--both physically and mentally.  So I decided to go ahead and kick it in gear.  I never planned on working past my due date, anyway.  My sweet principal and co-workers were very supportive.  Now I'm hoping that she comes early this week so I didn't start it too early--Justin keeps reminding me that even if she's not here, this time is good for both me and her to relax and ensure things remain healthy and progress positively until the very end.  I'm thankful for a hubby that always helps put things into perspective.

As far as doc appointment went on Friday, I'm still at 1 cm.  My doctor thinks I'll stay there until I go into active labor.  She was very happy with that and positive that I even got that far on my own since it's my first.  She stripped my membranes (not even half as bad as people make that procedure out to be--at least with my experience).  Baby's heart-rate was "beautiful" as stated by my doctor.  She explained that it was "great" that I'm feeling crampy since pain means progress at this point.  She said she would expect to see me within the next 24 to 48 hours (I'll believe it when I see it) but we did schedule an ultrasound for this coming Thursday to check fluid levels if I haven't had her and an appointment for Friday where we will begin the discussion on induction.  She said based on how things look, she doesn't think I'm a candidate for going to 42 weeks--that she thinks I'll go into labor on my own before that.  Again, we'll see.

Best moment this week: Well I guess it was nice to start my maternity leave.  However, it's difficult to "enjoy" the time when I'm feeling so anxious and impatient to meet this sweet baby.  Working on this--I walked both of our malls with hubby on Thursday, shopped with my mom, grandma, and aunt on Friday, and I'm going to our church's holiday bazaar today.  Staying busy.

Moments with Justin: How about a mini-cry session in the middle of Penn Station due to my anxiousness and impatience?! Only my sweet husband would just hug me.  I'm often a mess these days.  Pregnancy hormones at.their.finest.  (At least it was a laughable moment after I pulled myself together over lunch and we had left the restaurant.)  I'm a mess and a work in progress....pregnant or not. ;)

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  1. I'm so excited for you! Your sweet baby girl is almost here!!!! Praying for you!

  2. Praying for you!!! :-) You are going to LOVE being a mommy...it's fantastic! If you have ANY questions about labor/delivery/recovery please ask! I'll be more than happy to give any advice possible since I just went through it and am still recovering! And here's a REALLY fun fact...I haven't had indigestion AT ALL since she's come out!!! YAYYYYY! Relief will come soon!!!

  3. Ditto the above comment! Please don't hesitate to ask. I had a lot of things come up the first day home that I didn't know if they were normal or not and had no one to ask! Don't hesitate!
    Happy due date to you!! :) Can't believe that sweet baby will be here soon! I"m so excited to see her and see how big she is and how/when she makes her appearance!
    It was hard waking up on my due date but that was the last time I woke up as a pregnant lady as I went into labor late that night-maybe the same for you with the stripping and cramping? Who knows! I hope your next post has that sweet face on it :) Good luck with everything if I don't talk to you again before-praying for you and her and Justin!

  4. Happy Due Date to you!! I reached 40wks yesterday and I am becoming so very impatient. I see our OB again on Monday and I'm hoping for some progress!! Best of luck for a speedy delivery and recovery :) I hope your sweet little one decides to come soon for you! xo

  5. Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. She will be here soon...Happy due! date

  6. It's good that you have a few days to rest before baby. I totally craved junk, too. Veggies made me sick! Lol. Can't wait to see your girl soon!

  7. It's been silent around here the past few days... I'm anxiously waiting some exciting news!!! :)

  8. Ok so I have been missing out on all these posts- our pregnancies are so close (you might even be with your little girl right now!!), we are both having girls, their names are really similar and I love junk food and Burger King too! I have always loved french fries, but lately I have REALLY been loving theirs. I am sad that I lost track of your blog :( But, I will be sure to check back often now!!


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