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So here I am...checking in to break the blogging silence. :) Please pardon me while I write a very random post of all the things running through my mind that I keep thinking, "Oh, I need to blog about that!" And I'm also already wondering how I will select the pictures I want to document on here. How do I choose just a few?!

I was so, so naive to how much time a sweet newborn takes up.  Not complaining one bit--and every minute continues to be as rewarding as the last--but when people say that you will wonder what you did with all your time once you have a baby...SO true.

Our days are filled with blessing after blessing and joyful moment after joyful moment.  How did we live without this sweet little one?!

baby girl at 2 weeks
Week one already seems to be a blur.  Is it odd, though, that I already miss those first couple weeks with our little one?  Those moments in the hospital and just getting used to being at home were priceless and ones I will always treasure.  Now we are venturing into the world that continues to be one "first" after the next and this sappy momma is already caught in tears quite a bit not wanting my baby to grow up so fast.  Every day with her is so special--even if we're just cuddling on the couch in our jammies.

Snuggles with Daddy are already a huge hit.  They were from the beginning.  (And let me brag on my husband for a minute...Justin is such a natural.  He has been the most amazing, grace-filled man with such a servant's heart for Adeline and me during the first few weeks.  I knew he'd make an amazing daddy...but had no idea just how amazing he would be.)

We see this irresistible smile often and can't get enough of it.

The bouncy/vibrator seat is a favorite hang-out!

These little toes get kissed often.  She's just like her momma and hates having her feet covered up.  Definitely forget swaddling--wasn't a hit after the first week--this girl loves to kick her legs and have them free.

The first sponge baths were tons of fun.  Just look at all the hair on this girl...it holds a bow already!

"Sally the Seahorse" gets us through diaper changes and other fussy times.  Her nose even works well on the changing table for those few minutes of sucking needed before Momma feeds the starving girl.  Hilarious to watch.

The first two doctor visits were a huge success.  Our baby girl is healthy and nursing has gone great for Mom and Adeline (granted, it has taken lots of hard work, dedication, and prayers!).  We are extremely grateful!

Tummy time often leads to sleepy time, but we have a strong girl on our hands.  She already lifts her head so well, is so alert, and is a mover and groover--hardly ever holding still! (Oh, and we love our paci already.)

This popular girl brings oohs and ahhs everywhere she goes (yes, I'm bragging) and is getting pretty spoiled already be three weeks.  (Being the first grandchild on one side will do that to yah!)

my parents with their first grandchild--head over heels!

meeting cousins on Justin's side--what a blessed little lady with all these around her to love on her
Boone is already a great big brother and is already looking out for her.

Thanksgiving morning
First Thanksgiving as our little family of three!

no gravy for this girl, but she still had to sport her bib that her grandma bought
This girl even went Black Friday shopping! The stroller was a hit and sleeping won over shopping for her most of the day.

The first visit to church was successful.  Everyone was so anxious to meet Adeline and Pastor Owen even prayed a special prayer of gratitude for our blessing.  Our church family is such a special blessing to us.

 There's so much more to share and so much more to say, but I'll leave that for another nap time! ;)

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  1. I was literally just wondering about you and how you guys are doing and I get on here and here you are!!!
    Wow, what a little sweetie! How precious is she?! She looks SO tiny in daddy's arms!! :)
    So thankful nursing is going well for you all-all of those prayers payed off, right?!
    Loved catching up on your past few weeks! Continue enjoying every second of that little angel!

  2. She is so beautiful! Such wonderful pictures and memories :)

  3. YAY! :-) I have been waiting for this post! Loved all of the pictures of your sweet little girl! She is so cute!!! I can't wait for more pictures! Glad to hear you're doing well!

  4. I'm so glad you are soaking up every minute. It is crazy how fast they grow. She is beautiful.

  5. OH Cate, she is a doll. Yall have been blessed and it shows. Thank you for sharing baby girls first Thanksgiving.

  6. I loved all of this!! What a sweet family of three y'all have! A is just precious and beautiful! Enjoy it all!!

  7. I've been thinking about y'all and I'm so glad you posted this update! :) I honest,y got testy eyed reading this post. I love looking back on those first few weeks with Emerson and I love seeing other Mommies experience this amazing love. It's just pure bliss, isn't it? The best part is that it just keeps getting better everyday! I'm so happy to hear that your sweet girl is doing well and that nursing has been successful. I think it also gets much easier with time. Adeline is so beautiful and I can tell that being a Mommy suits you so well!

  8. She's precious. Loved all of the pictures.


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