no news and a dose of honesty

[Disclaimer:  This post is probably the outcome of end-of-pregnancy hormones.]

Well there's no baby news.

I'm bombarded daily with people wondering on Facebook, through text, in emails, at work, etc. etc. about baby news.  So I just wanted to update that we have no baby news.  And get ready.....

we're okay with that!

Really, this point in pregnancy is probably the most interesting to me so far.  Mainly because of other's reactions.  I'm sorry.  I'm going to be honest.  I've really learned my lesson on how to approach a 39 week plus pregnant woman.

Now, before I sound rude....I know it's out of love and care for us.  We feel beyond blessed that others are super excited to meet our sweet bundle of joy.  We can't wait either.  However, we're waiting on God's timing.  The moment He puts her on earth will be exactly the moment He wants her here.

It's just funny to me how many people try to rush the end of pregnancy (and not even their own pregnancy...hence, they're not even feeling all the nasty symptoms of 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant brings).  I never planned on this sweetie coming before her due date.  I was always prepared for her to come past her due date and probably at the doctor's prompting.

We've prayed for a patient baby.  We've prayed for a laid-back baby.  We've prayed for a baby that is low-key, not anxious, and content in Christ's love.

So far, it's looking like those qualities are being perfected.  We're not going to complain.  We're going to soak this time up and hope others around us do as well.

She'll get here when her little patient, content heart is ready.

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  1. amen to that! so refreshing to hear. everyone is always rushing those little babies out. I was induced but as I told you before it was mainly to end the nagging of others. I wasn't as wise as you though...I should have prayed for a laid back baby because heck if I got one of those. I love Georgia more than I ever dreamed I could love a little person but I do pray our next one is more "go with the flow".

  2. oh sweet girl....i remember the feeling so well.
    i got very very frustrated toward the end when people were bombarding us daily (sometimes hourly!) with 'when is your baby coming?!' it's like they think WE know the exact moment it's going to happen. You're so right-that moment she comes is perfect and part of His perfect plan for her life!
    I even got told by my SIL 'can you hurry up and have the baby yet? i'm tired of waiting' while I was in the 12th hour of false labor-talk about annoying!
    anyways, i'm praying for you and i've been thinking of you often and hoping you are soaking up all those little kicks and rolls and that beautiful belly of yours for these last few days. you're such a wonderful mother already to sweet adeline!

  3. Trust me my friend, there's a reason I haven't texted you!!! :) It can definitely make you feel crazy or like you should be doing something different...so funny how the waiting public struggles with patience...though for somewhat good reason I guess as everyone knows how amazing her arrival will be! But I have great compassion for you and you're in my prayers. No pressure!! Just sit in the quiet, read, pray, think, and enjoy laughing and dreaming with Justin! And just know my crazy story includes two days in the hospital when only family knew our baby was (somewhat) on her way. So I was really glad I didn't let the Facebook world know when I was going. (but i wasn't in active labor when I went either) One of the most relaxing things I did two days before going to the hospital was taking an hour long walk with Chai in the park and my big belly. So refreshing to reflect. OH, and take an awesome bubble bath...since it will be a bit for another one of those! Praying for you and your heart as you wait. :)

  4. Oh girl. y'all keep on doing what you know to be right! I'm learning so much from you and yalls journey. The Lord is doing wonderful things I know through this time :)

  5. Amen!! I so know how you feel and I even did a similar post. Soak it in! And way to go for being patient and praying for her :) I'm praying for y'all too! :)

  6. It sounds like the peace of the Lord is on you two! And that you're actually really walking in it, not just trying to. Way. To. Be. :)

    I'm praying for you both, and your little lady.

  7. oh cait! i'm sure that is annoying! i will be praying for you and for God's perfect timing. Praying for the whole process to be smooth. Thinking of you! hope you have a great rest of the week!

  8. Baby will be here soon...its time to rest. post a blog post on a totally off the wall something and you will see that its a breath of fresh air. Dont take me wrong...Baby comes first and we cant wait! Let God lead you in your thoughts today.

  9. This is so lovely! You have a wonderful outlook, and though I'm not there yet, I feel somewhat the same. People keep asking how anxious we are, and I feel like saying, "I'm JUST where I'm supposed to be in my pregnancy! I'm not rushing anything!" Of course, I'm sure you feel the end more realistically than I do, but you're just handling it beautifully!

  10. Aww I know what you mean! I was induced but I just couldn't stand the thought of her coming into the world without family around! Although we didn't tell a lot of people so I was bombarded as well! My LEAST favorite comment when people would ask me when I was due was..."OH my gosh there's NO WAY you'll make it" I wanted to say, "Why would you say that?! Do you want my baby to come early?" haha it used to make me so mad! Enjoy the last days of your pregnancy, it is so funny to hold your baby and think that just a few days ago they were INSIDE of you! Just amazing!


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