christmas tree hunt

Growing up, we always had a live Christmas tree. I love that our tree was never artificial.  Because of this, one of our Christmas traditions was to pick out our Christmas tree.  It has varied over the years where we purchase the tree, but it is always a special family time.  Even now that I'm married, Justin and I continue to be a part of this tradition to help my parents pick out their tree.  It was tons of fun this year to introduce Adeline to the tradition!

We started out eating dinner together out at a new pizza restaurant.  Adeline slept through this part! She was decked out in her special Christmas tree onesie her aunt made her and her pretty bow my mom bought her. This picture was in my last post...but just because she's so cute...I'll show you again!

Next was picking out the tree! It wasn't too cold, so Adeline snuggled in the Moby and helped pick out the tree.

the crew--from left--Justin, me, Adeline, Amanda (my little bro's sweet girlfriend), my mom, my brother Matt, my dad

We ended the night hanging out at Starbucks

Such a fun time together as a family!

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  1. What a great night, and great memories made I'm sure!

  2. What a special and fun time!! Don't you just love the moby?? And that Christmas tree onesie-too cute!! I am having so much fun dressing up Callyn in all of her Christmas outfits :)

  3. Cait,
    I love real trees, the Christmas smell...I miss that. We do a fake one now with the kids being grown and gone.
    Adeline Grace is such a doll. Her first Christmas. Yall are blessed!

  4. Awesome! she is so so cute, and I love the wrap. Starbucks=love :)


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