cuteness under the tree

Here are some photos of our "at home" Christmas photo shoot! I had way too much fun snapping pictures of this sweet girl (and her pup)!

Boone was the first to have his time in front of the tree...such a cutie!

Next was sweet Adeline's turn...

Both of my cuties in front of the tree...

And because I like to keep it real...here is an outtake :)

Joy to you all this Christmas!!

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  1. so precious!!! glad you guys are enjoying the season to the fullest with your precious family!

  2. She is adorable!! :) Hope you and your new little family have a wonderful first holiday together!

  3. That is just too much cuteness for one post! ;)I love all the pictures- especially the one of her sleeping under the tree. So sweet! I really want to get a picture of E asleep under the tree but she is such a wild girl these days she will probably wake up and pull the whole thing over. :)


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