august in a flash!

August went FAR too fast. Here's how we spent our last month of summer!
getting messy (chocolate hands)

visiting great-grandparents

eating out, rocking, and playing with Grandpa


creating masterpieces
being silly
library days

fishing, boating, lake time

more lake time

water table play

play dates with friends

baking (someone has a new love for "hep" -helping)

taking walks

exploring in the "tcheez" (trees)

choo choo exploring

eating ice cream

truck bed picnics by the wah-wah

catching "ish" (this is her first!)


rides on Daddy's boat

making messes

evening fun outside

mall time

sidewalk chalk fun


walks after dinner

helping Daddy

cousin fun

Camp Meeting Sunday at church

playing in the baptismal "trough"

acting like a dog

hollywooding it up

more fun with friends

taking self portraits of our toesies

and even more fun with friends

eating more ice creams

playground time

crazy shenanigans

time on the Grandpa's and Nanna's farm

first ball game (and cotton candy and funnel cake)

staying up late


eating (lots) of popsicles
taken rides on the "tra-to" (tractor) with PaPaw
moved to a big girl booster at the kitchen table

lounged some more during lazy mornings

and shopped

We had a wonderful August! I'm so blessed to spend my days with this precious girl!

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  1. so fun! isn't this age just the best?! I love watching them do new and exciting things!

  2. why is she sooooo cute?! I just wanna hug and love her up!!!

  3. I just LOVE this post. Every picture made me smile. Especially Justin and his fish. haha that one cracked me up! I have several of D just like that! And I know I keep saying this but I'm positive she and EC would be best buds. :-)

  4. Love all the pics. I absolutely adore her hair in a ponytail!!! Melts my heart! And I loooove that pic of her sitting next to the mall fountain area. And the changing table pic!

  5. This was such a CUTE post!!! Love this! :) Looks like an AWESOME Summer!

  6. whew, yall had a busy, busy August!! Looks like a fun month though :)

  7. I LOVE your pictures! Looks like a great way to spend the month of August!

  8. It looks like you guys had a very busy month!! I just love her "ice cream face." It looks like she is crazy about ice cream just like Emerson!


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