The Blessing Box

I am so excited about co-hosting a new weekly link-up...

The Blessing Box

I will be hosting along with my sweet friends each Tuesday! Natalie, Beth Ann, Mallorie, Jordan, Allie and I will be sharing the blessings God has placed in our paths during the week.

We have been inspired by James 1:17a, "Every good and perfect gift is from above."

God blesses us daily, and it's important to be intentional on praising and thanking Him for those gifts in our lives! His love is so amazing, let's give Him the praise and recognition He deserves for the blessings He provides!

This is our second week and we are excited you're with us again! Grab the box, and link-up with us!

Blessing one-

Finding and joining a local MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) group! I've joined with two of my friends, Cheri and Ashley, and their little girls.  The toddlers have fun in a preschool setting type room while the mommies gather for a message, breakfast, conversation and sometimes craftiness! We meet once a week and our theme is "Beautiful Mess".  I was reminded last week of how powerful it is to be a beautiful mess designed by God. I'm so thankful He loves me despite the mess of my mind and soul sometimes! I would so encourage you to seek one of these groups out near you by checking out the MOPS website!

Blessing two-

Speaking of messes! Getting artsy and creative with Adeline is one of my most treasured blessings! She LOVES painting, coloring and creating. I love feeding that with my own creative spirit!

Blessing three-

On Sunday after church, we took the afternoon afternoon and spent it as a family! We visited a local amusement park to enjoy the last weekend of the season for the water park to be open. We had such a good time!! Adeline enjoyed riding some rides BY HERSELF! Such a brave girl. And she of course loved all the slides going into the water. We had such a great, much-needed time together!

The picture doesn't show it- but she actually LOVED the space rockets and they went higher up and so fast!

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  1. Love that you found a MOPs group! What a blessing! I love Addie's intense art face :) And of course, gotta love those special family days!

  2. I didn't realize you guys went to HW!!! Too fun!!! Glad you guys got that fun day together! Love the painting on the window thing! Her fine motor skills and focus still amaze me! ;)

  3. Yay for 'messy blessings' and family time ;) haha! So glad you guys got some good quality fam time this week, friend!

  4. Love this post and love that you were able to get some quality family time together!!

  5. I so wish we had a MOPS group around here. Our closest one is over an hour away :(

    Looks like you all are ending the Summer right! She looks like she had a blast at the park


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