oh yea. about june!

Our summer came and went so quickly.  But it was filled with awesome times that I don't want to forget!

Our first big event in June was Adeline's FIRST FLIGHT! And our mommy/baby only trip to Florida!

The Daddies dropped us three mommies and babies off at the airport.  After saying our tough good-byes, we left the Daddies at home to work and headed down to the beach for a girls' trip to play! We mastered security, waiting for flights, flights, baggage checking and claim (by the grace of God and a really nice/patient airport employees), a hotel overnight stay, car rental, and short commutes through a big city going and coming.  But the tropical environment and beach awaited us...and it was FABULOUS!

ready for their first flight!

all smiles ready for take-off

three adorable beach babies!

overnight in a hotel after our flight down

this gal adores the beach (she's been every approx. 6 months of her life ;)

mornings on the lanai were a huge hit

flight home. ginger ale was a hit.

tres amigos

love this sweet girl

crazy water table shenanigans (drinking the wah-wah)

the pool!

dinners by the water
Keepin' it real:

-it was hard to organize around three different naps
-suckers were about all that worked at certain moments on the flight
-three mommies with three different ways of doing things...not always easy (my friends would agree)
-we missed the Daddies
-dinners weren't too peaceful ;)
-three toddlers playing off each others emotions and actions wasn't always great
Perks to this adventure:

-beach and pool time with friends
-mommy chat time after bedtime
-warm temps
-adeline flew great (I thought she would want to run around like crazy)
-we had a blast!
-our meal planning and grocery list making before trip was successful
-and the list could go on!

{Mission Trip}

love my family so much
Justin's official start as Youth Minister at our church was at the beginning of June.  We grew up in our youth group and have served in the youth group for our entire marriage.  We've been on countless (for real) mission trips with our church all over the southeastern US and to the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas.  But this was Justin's first "in charge" mission trip.  Our former youth pastor (and mentor) planned the trip since he was the current YP during planning season, but Justin was "head honcho in training". ;) We headed out just a couple days after getting home from our beach trip, but Adeline and I wouldn't have missed it!

caravan to Alabama!

fun with the other little kids and the big "kids"

delivering popsicles to the family groups at the worksite was a big hit
hard worker

helping Daddy paint at the Boys and Girls Club

work hard. play hard. aquatic center day!

she loved meeting new friends

all this travel was exhausting! ;)

working hard again

good thing she had her own work clothes!

Keepin' it real: 

-super, super late bedtimes
-Adeline was not a pack-n-play sleeping fan (we stayed in a church Sunday School room ;)
-loud atmosphere at bedtime
-naps were consistently on the go
-some meltdowns due to exhaustion

Perks to this adventure: 

-Adeline's first mission trip (out of the belly)!
-serving alongside our hubby/daddy
-raising Adeline to serve God's kingdom
-lots of "big kid" role models around
-just pure fun serving, worshipping and fellowshipping with our church family
-and the list could go on!

June was a busy blast! We had an amazing time on our adventures! We are so blessed to have such a joy-filled and blessed calendar of events, for sure.

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