boys will be boys

Well I am inside relaxing and had a few minutes to blog. Free time? Crazy, I know! I got caught up on some organizing yesterday and planning for after Thanksgiving break at school, so I'm allowing myself to do something I never do....just sit. I don't sit well. I come from a line of very busy women. :) My boys (hubby and puppy) are outside doing boy things....chopping wood (yes, Boone helps with his teeth), burning, and hanging around the barn (shed). Although I love being outdoors, I'm letting them do their "manly" things as I enjoy the peace and serenity of a cozy living room.

My to-do list tonight:
-cook dinner
-bake a pie for our church Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow
-be lazy on the couch
-soak up life

I so cherish these lazy weekends where we have no set plans. Today, that's what I'm thankful for....among so many other things.

(ps...check out the bottom of my blog page for this great blog I found of this awesome young couple amidst home renovations and building a family...creatively inspiring!) enjoy.

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