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So I am a little obsessed over trying to save money. I really do my best to never buy things at full price...other than necessities such as groceries. It's almost like a challenge to me. I find it so fun to find a bargain. Here are just a few of my tips that work for me. I hope they can help you save some pennies, leading to more to give during the Holiday season. :)

*COUPONS! Yes...it is worth your time! Get a really cheap small photo album and put your coupons in the places for pictures. I try to keep my food coupons in the front, household item coupons next, dog coupons after that, and finally shopping/restaurant coupons in the back. I keep it out of my purse as I grocery shop. It's great!

*If you shop at Kroger, they double any coupons that are $0.50 or less.

*If you bring reusable bags to Kroger, they take three cents off your bill for each bag you bring or you can choose to earn 3 gas points for each bag you bring in. The points then rack up for you to get the 10 cents off gas.

*More about Kroger...you can load coupons onto your Kroger card from their website AND they send you packets of coupons once you are a Kroger Plus member.

*At Target...look for the RED. :) Those are the clearance tags...especially at the end of the aisles. Love it! (Did I mention the dollar aisle? Even that aisle is at clearance price at times.) And Justin wonders why he can't get me out of that store...

*Don't be afraid to talk prices with people. For example, I called Insight and let them know of Direct TV's better deal they were offering and that we are really looking for the best deal...the phone conversation ended with us getting some free movie channels. :)

*Justin and I live by an envelope system...thanks to Dave Ramsey's class. Yes...real envelopes. Allot so much cash for each month. For example, we have a grocery envelope, a restaurant envelope and a "blow money" envelope (money to just "blow" on anything we want each week). You can pick and choose what is most important for you to have in the envelope system. It really does help to budget and figure this out. You'll be amazed how much money you can save when you get control of your money!

*Half Priced Books...if you haven't ventured there...do so! Magazines for $0.50, books for less than $5...and so much more...amazing! (Even better...you can get a few dollars for bringing in old magazines and books.)

*Flea Markets...shop for cheap treasures. You can find some great items for the home and neat things to reinvent for your taste.

These are just a few things I do to save money. Find what works for you! :)


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