giving thanks

It is amazing to me how we have already blown by Fall and Thanksgiving in order to push the Christmas season. I LOVE Christmas, it's by far my favorite time of year. The warmth and joy of everything Christmas. However...I do find it sad that we can't even enjoy fall and Thanksgiving. My rule has always been...no Christmas decorating, music, etc. until at least the day after Thanksgiving. (Although I do have to admit after going to our amazing church Christmas bazaar this Saturday, I am fighting the urge to break out the Christmas decorations.) We really do need to treasure a holiday that reminds us to give thanks for all that we have been blessed with. My list is far too long to mention...I'm sure your list is as well. We forget too often to be thankful...I plan to completely embrace this time of year as a reminder to simply give thanks. Life passes by so quickly....do what you can to slow it down a bit. :)

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