happy halloween!!

My students asked me what I was going to be for Halloween.  I said I wasn't sure.  So they decided to add in their two cents...

One thought I should be Spiderman...

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I think those web throwing skills would come in pretty handy helping me fly around my classroom to meet the needs of all my little lovelies since I feel like I'm running in circle sometimes.

Another one thought I should be a teacher...

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Until another student burst that student's bubble when they reminded their friend that duh.... "she's always a teacher!"

So they got me reminiscing about my favorite costume as a kiddo.

Which was one of my favorite Disney Princesses.  Jasmine...

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It was a collective, craftiness effort by my mom, grandma, and me.  I still remember all the efforts that went into making the costume "just right".
I did wear a nude body suit (remember those crazy things that snapped "down there"? So weird that those were the "in" thing.)  I'm thankful my parents weren't into their little girl showing tummy...should I get on a soapbox on what some kiddos are aloud to wear as costumes these days?! Nah.  
Anyways, I loved helping pick out the shimmery, teal material to create my costume.  Disney stole my heart with this dark haired princess.  She's still one of my faves.

This year...

We will be spending Halloween with family...enjoying chili and watching my cute nephew and twin nieces trick-or-treat and enjoy the festivities as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell(s).  Can't wait! Here's to a fun-filled Halloween for you and all your favorite goblins.

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  1. That is too funny , spiderman ! Kids can be so creative at times. You just never know what will come out. I always liked jasmine because i wanted to be on the magic carpet ha ha. Hope you have a great safe halloween!!


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