top 10 blessings of the moment

My Top 10 Blessings of the Moment
(in no specific order):

1.  The fact that I have had extra time on my hands to take care of our little bungalow.  (Hence, getting oh about 5 or 6 loads of laundry accomplished!)

2.  It's the week before Fall Break.  Let me repeat...it's the week BEFORE Fall Break! That means a week long break is next week.  WEEK long!

3.  My hubby has been so supportive lately in some things I have been struggling with.  Whether it's my own sinful nature or pain that has been brought on by the action of people around me that hurt my heart...he has been my shoulder to lean on and the one to point straight to our God...the One that he knows can heal my hurts.  I'm so thankful for a Godly man as my partner in life.

4.  Sweet times with friends.  We spent a wonderful Sunday with our friends, the Withrow's.  Love them dearly.  Pics to come tomorrow!

5.  My creative juices are flowing a bit more.  It's slow...but coming! I actually spent some time on Saturday evening sketching in my sketch journal.  So freeing!

6.  Our pup.  Yesterday we were playing fetch with his beloved Nylabone.  In the midst of teasing him and pretending to throw it, he grabbed at it and nipped my finger.  Of course he is one that literally plays with a spider if he sees it.  Harmless.  But he got excited playing and thought he was grabbing his bone.  Well he heard me say "ow", dropped his bone, and walked over and started kissing my finger.  Sweetest thing ever.

7.  Prayer.  Although it hurts and causes my mind to wonder...even unanswered prayer right now is a blessing.  I know God is building character and developing perseverance.  Although I'm stubborn, He's breaking down walls and I know He is good.  He loves me enough that He'll build me right back up more in the image of Him.

8.  Coming in $20 under grocery budget for the week.  Enough said.

9.  The Holidays are close.  I don't like to wish time away, but I love the Holidays and all the time with family!

10.  This week at work is the least stressful week in the plan book that I've had on my desk all year.  Whew...sigh of relief!

Blessings on your Tuesday!

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  1. I know you're excited for fall break! How sweet of you puppy :) Hope you have a great day!

  2. it sounds like you've got lots of blessings happening in your life right now. first, i am amazed that you get a whole week off for fall break (and a little jealous if we're being honest ; ) ) and how amazing to come in UNDER your grocery budget. we've been trying so hard but we ALWAYS go over! Thanks for participating! Have a great rest of your week before your week off!! : )

  3. What a great blessings post today! Hope you are having a great day!

  4. I love the story about your dog!!!

  5. What wonderful, wonderful blessings Cait! Thanks for sharing them with us. It always inspires me to take time to count my own... Happy Tuesday!

  6. Hey girl - thinking about you and your countdown to Fall break!! I hope it's a very relaxing one. My heart and a huge dose of compassion goes out to you all, as I know how exhausted you must be right now. I am also super amazed by that $20 grocery bill - wow!!!

  7. All great things to count as blessings! So great that your hubby has been so supportive..definately a great trait of a Godly man! Have a blessed day! :-)


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