starry night

Vincent Van Gogh has always been my favorite artist. Yes, he may have been a tad bit "odd" and disturbed, but I love his use of vibrant colors and unique brush strokes.  One of my favorite paintings I have done myself is of palm trees in a Van Gogh inspired technique.  My mom and dad have it hanging in their home or I would share a pic.  Of course, my favorite painting of his is Starry Night.  A copy of it hangs in my classroom, along with another framed picture of a few of Van Gogh's paintings.  I even have a large tote bag with the print on it.  I just love how it captures the gorgeous night sky in such a whimsical way.

Tonight on my way home I heard a song, Starry Night by Chris August, for the first time.  Of course, the title immediately caught my attention.  But wow, the lyrics are powerful! Listen and enjoy...

Where do you see Christ's light?

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