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I still remember the day we picked out this cutie from the litter of yellow lab pups.  I was in 4th grade and was elated that it was finally time to get a puppy! For some reason, we just knew he was the one.  Now, 14 years later, he's still just as cute and has the same puppy face.  Boone drives this "old man" a little crazy and seems to make him a bit dizzy, but he still attempts to play.  His hearing is going and his arthritis seems to hurt him, but he's still the farm dog I loved my entire childhood.  And he's still just as excited to dig his nose through the snow! He'll always be my dog and the puppy that first stole my heart.  Meet Nick:

This is my childhood cat, Kitty.  (Creative name, huh?!) Poor thing is on diet food and overweight, but she's still my cat and I love her.  She's crazy and loves to drive Boone nuts! This is definitely one of the funniest pictures of her.  Just the thought of those weights seem to exhaust her! Meet Kitty:

What about you...old or new...what pets have stolen your heart?

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  1. I've had a few dear pets that I've loved over the years. I can't even remember life when I DIDN'T have an animal that lived in the house! My very first was a cat named Rainbow, she lived to the ripe old age of 21. Next I got a cat named Pickles. She was very special! Sadly, I had to get rid of Pickles when my Grandma moved in with her two cats (Judy and Jill) b/c Pickles got territorial (i.e. started peeing everywhere). Sad day.- When we got married I got Autumn. I had sworn we weren't going to have any pets (b/c of the hair). Well, that lasted all of a month. Then a few years later, we got Winter the cat (actually she adopted us!). Just had to find Winter a new home about a week ago...she doesn't like dogs.- In the dog realm, my first dog was Sandy, a miniature Sheltie. She didn't last very long...she chewed everything in sight! Then we got a Dalmation named Olivia. She was deaf. We taught her sign language. She was very smart, but a little too hyper to live indoors, and we didn't have a fenced yard for her to run (w/o a fence she could run into the road and not hear a car coming). So she went to live on a farm w/ another Dalmation.- Then we got dear old Rosie. Rosie was a little black dog, who got very crotchety in her older years. And persnickity. Like she would growl and bite. Not good. We didn't really miss Rosie when she left us.- Then, I got married, and about 3 years ago, we got our first pooch as a married couple. A Bichon Frise named Chester. Just a few weeks ago, we got Chester a sister. Her name is Caroline. They're both sleeping on the couch with me as I type this excessively long comment :-). Sorry about that!

  2. Nick is so cute :) I remember we got our first dogs, Penny and Lucy, when I was in the fourth grade too!

  3. There are sooo many...i was born into a house of dogs already...But Sheila Peebles was my childhood dog- we sort of grew up together. She is no longer here but she was the sweetest yellow lab a girl could have. She also thought she was a small lap dog which was not always so fun:)

  4. We had a cat names Felix when we were kids. I loved her. She got sick and wouldn't eat her pills. She would pretend to eat them and then we found piles of them behind curtains all over our house. Then we had Arnie, a dog. He came to us full grown and I loved him. We had him a long long time until old age took him. Now I have a cat names Cloe and a dog named Rudy. I hope they live forever!

  5. Oh, all my pets end up stealing my heart! It's so hard to see them grow old, but all the joy they bring into your life is worth it, I think!

  6. Awww, both of your animals are so cute! What a fun post! We have 2 labs and we love them to bits- they are such great, mellow dogs!
    My cat, Honey, is about 16.5 years old!
    Our neighbor's cat had babies when I was 8 years old, and my Mom let me pick one out to bring home- that would be little Honey:)
    We've been like two peas in a pod ever since- she has been through Elementary school, High school, college, and marriage with me- so she is very special! I tell her she is going to be a "big sister" now that a new baby is on the way, but she will always be my first born!:)
    Thank you for sharing your babies!!

  7. Well if you've read my blog at all (which I know you have! ;) ), you know I'm smitten by my sweet Aussie, Sammy! She's precious. So smart. So cuddly. And so obedient. She's the best. I could go on, but I'll leave it there for now. She's just great.


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