I might stink.

Today began our shark dissections in 4th grade! (Hence the smell.)

The lovely smell of formaldehyde has taken over my classroom.  Today was our first day with our Dogfish Sharks.  The kiddos got to put on gloves and touch and observe the outside of the shark.  Tomorrow will begin our actual measuring and opening up of the sharks.  Thursday will include pulling out and opening up parts of the shark.  Yum.  If we're lucky, we'll find the shark's last meal.  (Two years ago when I did this we found fish in the intestines.  Double yum.)

I had to suck it up and be an adult today.  I won't lie...my stomach tossed and turned when I had to reach into a juicy bag and pull out six dogfish sharks by their tails.  I've done this before, but that smell hits you each time.  The stench burns and I definitely need a shower.

Here's to another day of stinking.  Does learning get any more authentic than this?

So what about you? Have you ever dissected anything? Taught a dissection? Have any dissection horror stories?

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  1. Ha! I actually loved dissecting things in high school, and then in college we dissected a cat - that was interesting. I couldn't bring myself to attend the cadaver dissection though - that's a little much for me.

  2. I was a biology major in college so I have dissected many a creature...but I agree, I think the shark smells the worst!! It's so awesome you have the 4th graders dissecting sharks! When I was in 4th grade we did a cow's eye (that's what got me interested in science and anatomy and why I want to go to medical school!)

    Hope you are back to your sweet smelling self soon!

  3. wow, i didn't realize you taught 4th grade! they are way too old for me by that age, i like the little ones in 2nd ;) i'm impressed by your very hands on learning this week! i hope you'll keep us posted on what yall discover -- just maybe not in the same post as the e-mealz ha


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