thank you, Lord, for the weekend

This weekend was a fabulous break that was much-needed after the first full week back to teaching since before Christmas break.  (Yes, we've had at least one or more snow days a week since then.  Crazy!)  Our weekend has been nice and relaxing!


On Friday night we went with a group from church to Winter Jam, a Christian concert that included awesome artists such as Newsboys (fabulous!), Kutless, Francesca Battistelli, and our favorite, David Crowder Band.  You can't beat a concert that is $10 at the door.  We had a great time!

David Crowder Band
Chad and Justin cheesin'
Me and Cheri

Well we slept into 10:30 on Saturday.  Amazing.

Met my parents to try out a new Mexican restaurant...which was delicious.  I had a "soft" chimichanga for the first time.  Love that they give a non-fried option!

Meal-planned, cut coupons, and got my grocery list ready.  
(We have started using e-mealz which I am super excited about.  You get a week's worth of meal plans each week that has been matched to a store's sales ad.  My friend Cheri [see above] found it.  It's endorsed by Dave Ramsey.  Perfect.  And because we do almost everything together, we're trying this new meal planning thing at the same time to help both of our budgets.  There's nothing like having close couple friends! I will probably blog more about it another time, but so far it is fab.u.lous.  Check it out.)

That afternoon we relaxed at home, I did some laundry because dirty clothes had taken over our house.  
No joke.
We ended the day by having dinner at Justin's mom's and dad's...yummy, homemade meatloaf.


Our morning consisted of Sunday School and church.  Our sermon was amazing...about following God as a disciple and answering His call.  We even studied Matthew 16:24 ("...If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.")  What is so great is the fact that Justin and I decided yesterday that we were going to commit ourselves to memorizing a verse a week as a couple.  And yesterday, I wrote Matthew 16:24 on our whiteboard on our fridge as our first verse to memorize.  
God is so neat like that!
Wendy's was the after-church lunch choice.  Yum.  I love their apple pecan grilled chicken salad.  (And yes, I have now written about three different meals in this one post.  Another one is coming.  Wait for it...)

After lunch we headed to the grocery store to try out our first shopping trip for this new meal planning thing.  So far it's working and saving us money.  Whoo hoo.  Just when I thought we couldn't shave down our grocery budget anymore, we have.  To God be the glory.  For sure.

Now we are "vegging" (do any of y'all use that term?) at home before heading back up to church for "Soup"er Bowl Sunday...soup for dinner and then watching half of the game with the youth group (while hubby does his youth-leader thing and I do my grading papers thing.)  And I will add...yes.  I confess.  I honestly only watch for the commercials.  We're a basketball state, not a football state.

What were the highlights of your weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Love that you and your hubbby are going to memorize bible verses together like that..what a great idea! And the mexican restaurant sounds so good..LOVE mexican food!!

  2. Sounds like you've had a GREAT weekend!

  3. lucky duck!!!! i bet winter jam was amazing! :) how cool! wendy's is for sure one of the best & cheap places for lunch. i love their salads too!

  4. crazy that yall are just now getting back to normal school weeks post christmas! i didn't realize it was snowing that much for yall. i went to a winter jam years ago and loved it! and i love dcb too, saw a few of their concerts (+worship services) in college. a bonus of going to school where they started a church! looks like a great weekend! oh and please give us an e-mealz update, seems very interesting!!

  5. Hey girl - sounds like a fun time - I bet an entire week of school was pretty tough for you all! I love, love David Crowder in person - how fun! Thanks for your prayers - they are much appreciated and I think I am slowly getting better. :)


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