a perfect evening

After a crazy day at work where my emotions were up and down, I was so relieved to have such a nice, stress-free evening at home tonight.  I don't know what it was about me today...but I know that my poor kiddos sometimes saw the "not so nice" side of me.  That probably is still pretty nice compared to some teachers...but I was off, so therefore, as you other teachers know...they were off.  Tomorrow will be better.  I'm determined.  It must be.

So a perfect evening was exactly what I needed...

Grocery shopping that I dreaded turned into a great trip where almost everything that was on my list was on sale, most things I also had a coupon for, and I purchased three items for free.

I came home to a clean living room including a vacuumed floor and my sweet hubby had pulled out some of my artwork today and found a spot for it in our living room.  He's too sweet.

We had an amazing dinner of homemade chicken pot pie.  Yum.  (And there are plenty for left-overs!)

While dinner was in the oven, I cleaned the kitchen.  (Yes, cleaning makes me happy when I have the time and energy to do it.)

Our dessert (which isn't a common occurrence around here) consisted of these yummy little things that yep, were on sale too! Dessert for less than $1.50? Yes, please!

A relaxing bath where I was able to read two...yes, two...chapters of my current read! And the relaxing sound of rain hitting our home added the nice background music.

Paid a stack of bills including tuition for this semester.  (The happy part here is just checking it off the to-do list.)

Now I am relaxing on the couch, with a moment to blog, and looking forward to sitting still.

Pure bliss.

What does it take for you to have a perfect evening?

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  1. sorry you had a rough day! but your evening does sound amazing! you got a lot accomplished! those sweet moments look tasty!! i need to pay some bills too... hope you have a great day tomorrow! :)

  2. Sounds like a very productive evenig. After my bad day I ususally just go to bed. I wish I had your drive!!

  3. I hear you, I like paying bills too for the gratification of checking it off my to do list.

    Plus it makes me feel like a "real" grown-up, since I'm just starting to be one. :P

  4. your perfect evening sounds like my perfect evening!

  5. looks like more simple happy things :) hopefully your rough days are over for the week! the bath sounds divine, that is for sure on my list of perfect evening things!


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